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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT27E13-1

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Procedure • Press VOL u to select English, Spanish or French. MODE To select TV (antenna) or CABLE mode depending on the signal source. Procedure • Press VOL u to select TV or CABLE. AUTO PROGRAM To automatically program all channels with a signal. Procedure • Press VOL u to start Auto Programming. ENGLISH 4 • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT CONNECTIONS Optional Equipment Connections Note: The remote control must be programmed with supplied codes to operate the optional equipment. VCR Connection VCRs, video disc players, video game equipment, and DSS equipment can also be connected to the video inputs. See the optional equipment manual for more information. Note: VIDEO 1 input is a dual-purpose input. It is primarily intended for connection with 480i devices such as a DVD player using the Y PB PR component video jacks and Audio L & R jacks. However, it can also be connected to conventional composite video sources such as a VCR, using only the Y/Video jack and Audio L & R jacks. The on-screen label will display Component or Video 1 depending on which source is connected. CONNECTION ON BACK OF TV VCR COMPONENT VIDEO INPUT INPUT 1 R AUDIO L PBPR Y/VIDEO TO AUDIO AMP L R R AUDIO LINPUT 2 VIDEO S-VIDEO L R ANT IN VIDEO OUT AUDIO OUT ANT OUT Jack used for 1/8" headpone plug HPJ VIDEO 3 L AUDIO IN R FRONT OF TV CABLES NOT SUPPLIED Procedure • Connect equipment as shown to front or rear Audio/ Video input jacks. • Select the Video mode by pressing TV/VIDEO button. • Operate optional equipment as instructed in equipment manual. Front Control Panel Use the front panel of the television to use the TV without remote or to use the Audio/Video input jacks for optional equipment. Procedure • Press TV/VIDEO to select VIDEO 3 input mode. Note: The front control panel can be used to access menus and switch video mode when the remote control is not available. Digital TV - Set-Top Box (DTV-STB) or DVD Player Connection Use this diagram to connect the Panasonic DTV-STB (Digital TV-Set-Top Box) to the back of your TV. TERMINALS ON BACK OF DTV-STB OR DVD PLAYER COMPONENT VIDEO INPUT INPUT 1 R AUDIO L PBPR Y/VIDEO TO AUDIO AMP L R R AUDIO LINPUT 2 VIDEO S-VIDEO NTSC OUTPUT R-AUDIO-L VIDEO P B P RR-AUDIO-L S-VIDEO Y DIGITAL OUTPUT CABLES NOT SUPPLIED COMPONENT VIDEO INPUT TERMINALS ON BACK OF TV Notes: • There are three video inputs, Y, PB, and PR. Separate component color inputs provide luminance and color separation. Use the L (left) and R (right) audio inputs. • Select DTV-STB to 480i output mode. TV set can receive 480i signal only. Amplifier Connection (TO AUDIO AMP) Connect to an external audio amplifier input for listening to a stereo system. Note: TO AUDIO AMP terminals can not be connected directly to externalspeakers. CONNECTIONS ON BACK OF TV CABLES NOT SUPPLIED COMPONENT VIDEO INPUT INPUT 1 R AUDIO L PBPR Y/VIDEO TO AUDIO AMP L R R AUDIO LINPUT 2 VIDEO S-VIDEO External Amplifier Audio Adjustments • Select TV SPEAKERS ON from AUDIO menu. • Set amplifier volume to minimum. • Adjust television volume to desired level. • Adjust amplifier volume to match the television. • Select SPEAKERS OFF & VARIABLE AUDIO OUT from AUDIO menu. • Volume, mute, bass, treble and balance are now controlled through the television. Note: Select SPEAKERS OFF & FIXED AUDIO OUT to control audio functions through the external amplifier. ENGLISH 5 • REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION Remote Control Operation ENGLISH POWER Press to turn ON and OFF. POWER MUTE Press to mute sound. Press to display andcancel CC (Closed Caption). SAP Press to access second audio program. TV/VIDEO Press to select TV or Video mode. Press to select remote operation. TV VCR DBS/CBL DVD ACTION Press to access menus. Press to select next or previous channel andnavigate in menus. CH CH Press to adjust TV sound and navigate in menus. VOLVOL GUIDE DBS functions button. EXIT DBS functions button. REW PLAY FF PAUSE STOP REC TV/VCR VCR /DBS CH Component function buttons uPress numeric keypad to select any channel. 7 4 1 2 5 8 0 9 6 3 R-TUNE Press to switch to previously viewedchannel or video mode. MENU Press to access DBS or DVD menus. EUR7613Z60 PROG Press to enter the minor number in a compound channel number (DBS mode only). RECALL Press to display time, channel, sleep timer, and other options. Battery Installation Use two AA batteries: Remove battery cover by pushing in and up near arrow. Install batteries matching (+) and (-) polarity signs. Replace the battery cover. Note: Incorrect installation can cause battery leakage and corrosion that will damage the Remote Control. Precautions • Replace batteries in pairs. • Do not mix battery types (zinc carbon with alkaline). • Do not recharge, heat, short-circuit, disassemble, or burn batteries. 6 • REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION Operating Components with Remote Control Note: Refer to page 8 for programming Remote Control procedure. Operating a VCR Program the remote control to use with VCR. TO DO THIS... PRESS Turn on/off POWER Select TV Input mode for VCR TV/V...

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