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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT32E13-1

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Use with other carts (orstands) is capable of resulting in instability causingpossible injury. CT-32E13-1, CT-32E13-1U: CAUTION: These television receivers for use only withPANASONIC TY-32E33T stand. Use with other carts (orstands) is capable of resulting in instability causingpossible injury. Optional Cable Connections Shielded audio and video cables should be used between components. For best results: • Use 75-ohm coaxial shielded cables. • Use appropriate input and output connectors, that match your component connectors. • Avoid long cables to minimize interference. AC Power Supply Cord CAUTION: TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK, MATCH WIDE BLADE OF PLUG TO WIDE SLOT OF AC OUTLET AND FULLY INSERT. DO NOT Polarized plug USE A PLUG WITH A RECEPTACLE OR OTHER OUTLET UNLESS THE BLADE CAN BE FULLY INSERTED TO PREVENT BLADE EXPOSURE. PROTECT POWER CORDS FROM BEING WALKED ON, ROLLED OVER, CRIMPED, BENT, OR PINCHED, PARTICULARLY AT PLUGS, CONVENIENCE RECEPTACLES, AND THE POINT WHERE THEY EXIT FROM THE APPARATUS. Cable / Antenna Connection For proper reception, either a cable or antenna connection is required. Cable Connection Incoming Cable fromCable Company Connect the cable supplied by your local cablecompany. Note: A cable converter box may be required for proper reception. 75 Ohm VHF/UHF Check with your local cable on back of TV company for compatibility requirements. Antenna Connections • For proper reception of VHF/ Incoming Cable from Home Antenna UHF channels, an external antenna is required. For best reception an outdoor antenna is recommended. Note: Cable Mode is preset at the factory. Antenna users must change to TV Mode in the Set Upmenu under Prog Chan . Important Information Regarding The Use Of Video Games, Computers, Or Other FixedImage Displays. WARNING: The marking or retained image on the picture tube resulting from viewing fixed image is not an operating defect and as such is not covered by Warranty. This television is designed to display constantly moving images on the screen. Continuous viewing of stationary images such as letterbox pictures on standard screen TVs (with top/bottom bars), non- expanded standard (4:3) pictures on wide screen TVs (with side bars shown on each side of an image), stock market report bars (ticker running at the bottom of the screen), video game patterns, fixed scoreboards, bright station logos, on-line (Internet) or repetitive computer style patterns should be limited. The extended use of fixed image program material can cause a permanent picture tube damage, shown as a “shadow image” viewable on normal programs. This type of irreversible picture tube deterioration can be limited by performing the following steps: • Do not display the fixed image for extended periods of time. • Turn the power off when not in use. ENGLISH 3 • AUTO SET UP MENU Auto Set Up Menu For your convenience, Auto Set up menu will be displayed on screen when the set is turned on for the first time. If needed, follow the menus and procedures for setting up the features. IDIOMA/LANGUE To change menu language to ENGLISH, SPANISH or FRENCH. Procedure • Press VOL u to select English, Spanish or French. MODE To select TV (antenna) or CABLE mode depending on the signal source. Procedure • Press VOL u to select TV or CABLE. AUTO PROGRAM To automatically program all channels with a signal. Procedure • Press VOL u to start Auto Programming. ENGLISH 4 • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT CONNECTIONS Optional Equipment Connections Note: The remote control must be programmed with supplied codes to operate the optional equipment. VCR Connection VCRs, video disc players, video game equipment, and DSS equipment can also be connected to the video inputs. See the optional equipment manual for more information. Note: VIDEO 1 input is a dual-purpose input. It is primarily intended for connection with 480i devices such as a DVD player using the Y PB PR component video jacks and Audio L & R jacks. However, it can also be connected to conventional composite video sources such as a VCR, using only the Y/Video jack and Audio L & R jacks. The on-screen label will display Component or Video 1 depending on which source is connected. CONNECTION ON BACK OF TV VCR COMPONENT VIDEO INPUT INPUT 1 R AUDIO L PBPR Y/VIDEO TO AUDIO AMP L R R AUDIO LINPUT 2 VIDEO S-VIDEO L R ANT IN VIDEO OUT AUDIO OUT ANT OUT Jack used for 1/8" headpone plug HPJ VIDEO 3 L AUDIO IN R FRONT OF TV CABLES NOT SUPPLIED Procedure • Connect equipment as shown to front or rear Audio/ Video input jacks. • Select the Video mode by pressing TV/VIDEO button. • Operate optional equipment as instructed in equipment manual. Front Control Panel Use the front panel of the television to use the TV without remote or to use the Audio/Video input jacks for optional equipment. Procedure • Press TV/VIDEO to select VIDEO 3 input mode. Note: The front control panel can be used to access menus and switch video mode when the remote control is not available. Digital TV - Set-Top Box (DTV-STB) or DV...

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