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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT32D31U

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 1.75 mb
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Incoming Cable from Home Antenna Cable Preset Cable Mode is preset at the factory. Antenna users must change to Antenna Mode in the Setup Menu. 6 INSTALLATION Optional Equipment Connections VCR Connection VCRs, video disc players, video game equipment, and DSS equipment can also be connected to the video inputs. See the optional equipment manual for more in for m at ion . Note: VIDEO 1input is a dual-purpose input. It is primarily intended for connection with 480i devices such as a DVD player using the Y PB PR component video jacks and Audio L & R jacks. However, it can also be connected to conventional composite video sources such as a VCR, using only the Y/Video jack and Audio L & R jacks. The on-screen label wil ll display Component or Video 1 depending on which source is connected. CONNECTIONS ON BACK OF TV VCR CABLES NOT SUPPLIED COMPONENT VIDEO INPUT INPUT 1 R AUDI O L PBPR Y/VIDEO TO AUDI O AMP L R R AUDI O LINPUT 2 VIDEO S-VIDEO L R ANT IN VIDEO OUT AUDIO OUT ANT OUT Jack used f or 1/ 8" headpone pl ug H P J VI DEO 3 L AUDIO IN R TERMINALS ON FRONT OF TV Procedure 1. Connect equipment as shown to front or rear Audio/Video input jacks. Note: Front and rear Audio/Video connectors cannot be operated at the same time. 2. Select the Video mode by pressing TV/VIDEO button. 3. Operate optional equipment as instructed in equipment manual. IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING USE OF VIDEO GAMES, COMPUTERS, DSS OR OTHER FIXED IMAGE DISPLAYS. The extended use of fixed image program material can cause a permanent “shadow image” on the picture tube. This background image is viewable on normal programs in the form of a stationary fixed image. This type of irreversible picture tube deterioration can be limited by observing the following steps: A. Reduce the brightness/contrast setting to a minimum viewing level. B. Do not display the fixed image for extended periods of time. C. Turn the power off when not in actual use. Note: The marking orretained image on the picture tube resulting fromfixedimage use is not an operating defect and as such is not covered by Warranty.This product is not designed to display fixed image patterns for extended periods of time. 7 INSTALLATION Digital TV - Set-Top Box (DTV-STB) or DVD Player Connection Use this diagram to connect the Panasonic DTV-STB (Digital TV-Set-Top Box) to the back of your TV. TERMINALS ON BACK OF DTV-STB OR DVD PLAYER COMPONENT VIDEO INPUT TERMINALS ON BACK OF TV CABLES NOT SUPPLIED COMPONENT VIDEO INPUT INPUT 1 R AUDIO L PBPR Y/VIDEO TO AUDIO AMP L R R AUDIO LINPUT 2 VI EO S-VIDEO NT C OUT UT AUDIO-V O PB PRR-AUDIO-L S-VIDEO Y DIGITAL OUTPUT Notes: • There are three video inputs, Y, PB, and PR. Separate component color inputs provide luminance and color separation. Use the L (left) and R (right) audio inputs. • Select DTV-STB to 480i output mode. TV set can receive 480i signal only. Amplifier Connection (To Audio Amp) Connect to an external audio amplifier input for listening to a stereo system. Note: TOAU...

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