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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT32D31

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 1.75 mb
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

(AI sound is not available in VIDEO mode). SURROUND • SURROUND - Enhances audio response when listening to stereo. 14 MAINMENUFEATURECHART MainMenuFeature Chart (Cont.) MENU DESCRIPTION SPEAKERS • ON - TV speakers operate normally. • OFF & VAO (Variable Audio Output) TV speakers off - audio adjustable by TV. • OFF & FAO (Fixed Audio Output)TV speakers off - audio adjustable only by the external amplifier. TIMER CLOCK SET • Set the time and the day of the week. (Time will display onscreen after turning on the television, pressing the RECALL button or changing channels). SLEEP • Set timer to turn off TV in 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Select NO to turn timer off. • Set one or both timers to automatically turn TIMER 1 television on and off at selected times, on TIMER 2 selected channels, and on selected days. (Clock must be set to use Timer features). PICTURE VIDEO ADJ. (Adjustments) • COLOR - Adjust desired color intensity. • TINT - Adjust natural flesh tones. • BRIGHTNESS - Adjust dark areas for crisp detail. • PICTURE - Adjust white areas of picture. • SHARPNESS - Adjust clarity of outline detail. • NORMAL-Reset all picture adjustments to factory default settings. OTHER ADJ. (Adjustments) • COLOR TEMP - Adjust white balance to COOL (blue), WARM (red) or NORMAL. CHANNELS FAVORITES • CHANNEL SCAN -Select FAV (16 favorites) or ALL channels to scan channels using the up/down CH buttons. 15 MAIN MENU FEATURE CHART MainMenuFeature Chart (Cont.) MENU DESCRIPTION CAP T ION • MA N U AL C A P T IO N En ter ch ann el nu mb ers and ca pti ons m a n ual ly . • INPUT LABEL -L a b e l v i deo c onn ec tio n s for ons c r een di sp lay o f op tio nal eq uip m e n t. Note: This receiver has a video input skip feature, which will allow the user to skip Input modes when pressing TV/VIDEO button. LOCK MO DE • Lo ck Al l C h an nel s or Ga me w i t h a s e c r et co de. Note: For more information about Block Programs, see the V-CHIP Parental Lock manual provided with the TV package. HO W LO N G ? • Sel e c t the pe riod of t i m e (12 , 24 , 48 ho urs or A L W AYS) f o r y our opt ion to be l o c k e d . 16 SPECIALFEATURES Special Features SET UP Menu Languages In SET UP Menu, select IDIOMA / LANGUE to change menu language to ENGLISH, ESPANOL (Spanish), or FRANCAIS (French). IDIOMA/LANGUESETUPMODEENGLISHPROGCHANCCOTHERADJ.u Prog Chan (Program Channels) In SET UP menu under PROG CHAN select: . MODE to select TV (antenna) or CABLE mode depending on the signal source. • AUTO PROGRAM to automatically program all channels with a signal. • MANUAL PROGRAM to manually add or delete channels. SET UP MODE AUTO PROGRAM MANUAL PROGRAM CABLE PROG CHAN CC OTHER ADJ. uuu IDIOMA/ LANGUE CC (Closed Captioning) This television contains a built-in decoder that displays (closed captioned) text across the screen. It allows the viewer to read the dialogue of a television program or other information. The program viewed must include Closed Captioning for the feature to work. CC CC in SET UP menu ...

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