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Anleitung Panasonic, modell VV1330S

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

When timer recordings are made, program index and information are also included. These index marks can be used to access or scan recordings. VEED UMCH СМК» o 0-0 Mist COUNTttl О о ОЯШ ttsrr .SELECT/SET A T ► CH UP CH DOWN VOL UP -3numbered Keys -1 SEARCH ^FF or REW Example 2: If you are watching recording 2 and you want to watch recording 6, enter 4 in step “3” and press FF. 1 i 3 4 5 6 7 NOTE: ^ indicates start points of each recording. 22 • Make each entry within 10 seconds, or the Index Search mode will be canceled. • If these VHS Index Search Systems are started very close to an index mark, that index mark may not be counted in the search. Program Index Search (For Timer recordings only) Choose a timer recorded program from a Program Index List. SEf^H Display SELECT SEARCH MODE screen. 1; Press SEARCH in Playback or Stop mode. 2 SELECT SEARCH MODE ZERO SEARCH INDEX SEARCH PROGRAM END SEARCH PROGRAM I l\DEX SEARCH SELECT:a Y KEY SET :► KEY END :SEARCH KEY Display PROGRAM INDEX screen. 1) Press AT to select “PROGRAM INDEX SEARCH.” 2) Press ► to display. 3 PROGRAM INDEX DATE START CATEGORY CH 12/28 10:00A SPORTS ABCD 1/ 4 12:30P MOVIE 1/4 8:OOP COMEDY 1/ 7 3:OOP MUSIC SELECT:A ▼ KEY SEARCH:► KEY END : SEARCH KEY NBC CBC NBC Select the desired recorded program. 1) Press AT to select. 2) Press ► to start the forward or rewind search. * When search is finished, playback begins. When the tape is ejected or normal recording is started, all program index data are deleted. Index Scan (For Normal and/or Timer recordings) In Play mode, the first 10 seconds of each recording can be scanned (forward or reverse.) 1) Repeat step 1 and press AT to select “INDEX SEARCH.” 2) Press ► to display INDEX screen. Start the scan. Press FF or REW. Cancel scan, start playback. Press PLAY. • To stop, press STOP. 2select/set —ÔA 'CH UP OT-CH down q* :VOL UP STOP Start her* 4r Current I PrOQTtrtl F I ST! Ff H»- . i stop! f Indexed Point 4» Pl*y (lot about 10 Moonds) — Fa*t Forward or Rewind 23 Special VCR Features Preset Caption Display MAIN MENU. Press ACTION. 2 SELECT :A ▼ « ► KEY SET :ACTION KEY Display SET UP CH screen. 1) Press AT< ► to select “CH.” 2) Press ACTION to display. rJSL r11 i? S? ACTION O Channel Caption is... Station names, e.g. ABC, TNT, etc. so that they will appear when a channel is selected. Choose 24 preset names (Preset Caption), or make up to 10 names of your own (Manual Caption.) b^Check list before you begin. Q You need a list of stations and the channel numbers you receive them on. O o 4 5 PRESET CAPTION TNT 42 CBC 62 UPN — CTV 21 WB 35 TSN 52 DSC - glob tm CLEAR ADD/DLT KEY SELECT * * KEY SET < KEY END ACTION KEY --- - -* SET UP CHANNEL ANTENNA : CABLE AUTO SET CHANNEL CAPTION WEAK SIGNAL DISPLAY:OFF SELECT: a ▼ KEY SET :► KEY ENO :ACT ION KEY CHANNEL CAPTION IPRESET CAPTION! MANUAL CAPTION SELECT: A ▼ KEY SET :► KEY END :ACT I ON KEY PRESET CAPTION — PBS CBS — CNN FOX — ESPN — NBC — HBO — SELECT:A ▼ KEY SET :► KEY END : ACT ION KEY Select CHANNEL CAPTION. 1) Press AT to select. 2) Press ► to display. Select PRESET CAPTION. 1) Press AW to select. 2) Press ► to display, • To create your own captions, go to “Manual Caption" on page 25. [-"*• I- CH ►O lo ! Í 5 4 ■o “Ó Go with preset captions. 1) Press AW to select a station. 2) Press ► to move cursor to the right. 3) Press AW to select channel number. 4) Press 4 to set. CH UP CH DOWN VOL UP VOL DOWN VCED tUACM CMMf o o o Mutt COUNTER o o tum Wu t ADD/DLT Repeat step 5 until the Caption List is complete. To Make Corrections Press AW, then ► to select channel number. Press AW to change, or ADD/DLT to delete. End setup. Press ACTION four times. 24 Manual Caption 1 Do “Preset Caption” steps 1~3 (page 24.) 2 CHANNEL CAPTION PRESET CAPTION IMANUAL CAPTION] SELECT:A ▼ KEY SET :► KEY END : ACTI ON KEY Select MANUAL CAPTION. 1) Press AT ►ro *o to select. 2) Press ► to _ display. 3 4 MANUAL CAPTION CH NUMBER CAPT1 ON S3 ---- SELECT;a T KEY SET :► KEY END : ACT ION Select Channel number. 1 ) Press AT to select CH NUMBER. 2) Press ► to move cursor to the right. Channels already set and channels deleted from Channel Memory are not displayed. You can set a total of ten channel captions with up to four characters each. MANUAL CAPTION CH NUMBER CAPTION 02 0— CLEAR SELECT SET END ADD/DLT KEY A ▼ KEY M ► KEY ACTION KEY Enter your caption. 1) Press AT to select. 2) Press ► to enter. • Characters change in the following order. Faction 2 SELECT/SET CH UP CH DOWN VOL UP VOL DOWN ADD/DLT c A-B-C- Z- BLANK---&*—| *•2-1—0“/ — !--1 • Press 4 repeatedly to move the cursor to “CH NUMBER.” Repeat steps 3 and 4 as desired. To Make Corrections Press AT, then ► to select channel number. Press AT to change, or ADD/DLT to delete. 5 ACTION o End setup. Press ACTION four times. ...


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