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Anleitung Panasonic, modell VV1303A

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Dateiname: VV1303A.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

To exit the menu, repeat above with or without tape inserted until normal screen appears. Using AT-* ► keys Press FF or REW => PLAY to release. ■ Still (Freeze) picture => Press PAUSE/SLOW => Press PLAY to release. ■ Slow Motion picture => Hold down PAUSE/SLOW in Still mode => Press PLAY to release. ■ Frame by Frame picture => Press PAUSE/SLOW in Still mode _=> Press PLAY to release. • These features work best in SP or SLP mode. • After the unit is in Still or Slow mode for 3 minutes, it will switch to Stop mode automatically to protect the tape and the video head. ■ Stop => Press STOP ■ Rewind tape => Press REW in Stop mode ■ Fast forward tape => Press FF in Stop mode ■ Eject tape => Press EJECT on the remote or STOP/EJECT on the unit. You can operate on the unit Insert a cassette. CH AT PLAY REC ■«■Tai^aiG CTinnSiB) 1 ■ Press to stop and/or eject tape. REC Indicator 1 Insert a cassette with record tab. • The unit power comes on automatically. 2 Press CH AT or number keys to select a channel. • For “LINE” input, see bottom of next page. 3 Press SPEED to select recording speed (see page 4). SP = Standard Play LP = Long Play SLP = Super Long Play • Selected speed is displayed. 4 Press REC to start recording. • To edit out unwanted portions, press PAUSE/SLOW to pause and resume recording. • You cannot view another channel during recording. ■ Stop => Press STOP ■ One Touch Recording (OTR) Press REC repeatedly Normal Rec-oso-no^. to set the recording ( J length (30 min - 4 hours). 4:00<_3:00^2:00<_1:30^ • The unit stops recording at a preset time. • PROG TImEr indicator lights on the unit. • After the unit has been in Rec Pause mode for 5 minutes, it will stop automatically to protect the tape and the video head. • The remaining recording time of an OTR can be displayed by pressing DISPLAY. EJECT DISPLAY NUMBER Keys PLAY ACTION STOP REC REW PAUSE/ SLOW TRACKING ADD/DLT SELECT/SET ^ :CH UP Y :CH DOWN ► :VOL UP < :VOL DOWN FF SPEED 12 For assistance, please call : 1-800-211-PANA(7262) or send e-mail to : consumerproducts@panasonic.com Copy Your Tapes (Dubbing) Connections you’ll need to make. Playing (Source) VCR AUDIO VIDEO O-I OUTQ-I IN О О ® IN FROM ANT @ OUT TO TV Recording (Editing) unit Playback (Source) 1 Recording (Editing) unit Insert pre- (/ ü ,ц recorded tape. l/i <7 D .4 1 i—i 1 Ou^^^^tion 1 1 П t 1 Insert blank tape with I record tab. • Dubbing tapes protected with Copy Guard will have poor quality results. 2 Select “LINE” mode. See “Selecting Input Mode” below. 3 4 PAUSE ► PLAY SLOW Press PLAY then PAUSE at starting point to put in Standby mode. Press REC, then PAUSE/SLOW immediately to put in Standby mode. (Perform operation of steps 4 and 5 on both units at same time.) Press PLAY to start dubbing. Press PAUSE/SLOW to start dubbing. б Press STOP to stop dubbing. Press STOP to stop dubbing. Selecting Input Mode Method 1: Press CH AT. The display will change as follows. ►2«-3<— Unauthorized exchanging and/or copying of copyrighted recordings may be copyright infringement. CT* ►LINE* (CABLE) (TV) —И25 or 69- Method 2: a Press ACTION for MAIN MENU. b Press AT^ to select “TV,” then press ACTION for SET UP TV screen. c Press AT to select “INPUT SELECT,” and then press ► to select “TUNER” or “LINE.” d Press ACTION twice to exit this mode. 13 Basic Operation TV Operation 1 Press POWER on the remote or unit. I^F 2 0 8 ABC Use CH AT or number keys to select a channel. Ready Check List □ All connections are made. □ Your unit is plugged in. Press VOL + or VOL ■ to adjust volume. NIGHT (NITE) Mode Color and picture intensity levels are adjusted so the screen is easier on your eyes during night time use. NIGHT Press NIGHT to set NIGHT mode. • NIGHT mode may be selected when watching TV or playing a tape. Press NIGHT to cancel. • Previous settings are restored. • NIGHT mode is canceled when power is turned off or power failure occurs. ■ Using the 100 key When selecting CABLE channels 100 to 125 with the number keys, first press the 100 key, and ...

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