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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVV462

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 4.23 mb
Dateiname: PVV462.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

ADJUST” VCR CLOCK CHANNEL AUTO CLOCK SET MANUAL TIME ZONE ADJUST : 0 SELECT : SET : EXIT : ACT I ON condition an may have poor quality. Warning and Instruction Displays These displays will alert you to a missed OFF: Screen turns solid blue when signal is weak or non-existent. 2 Press TAPE POSITION For English operation or provide further instructions. (Front Audio L/R Video IN jacks to return to normal screen. are also provided) ELEGIR : FIJAR : SAL I R : ACT I ON VCR RELOJ CANAL REPETICION :INACT AVISO/CONT.REMOTO :ACT APAGADO AUTOMATICO :INACT LANGUE/LANGUAGE:ESPANOL CANAL DE SALIDA :3 • Selecting ON has no effect on connected equipment with blue back feature. 1 2 Connect VIDEO OUT jack on Playing VCR to VIDEO IN jack on Recording VCR. “AUTO SET,” then appears only when 3 Press ACTION to return to normal screen. and press to Remote Warning ON/OFF Feature To monitor the dubbing, also connect a TV as shown. press . auto clock is set.) subtract or add • If you use Cable hour(s) as necessary. For Spanish If Multi-brand feature is used (page 2), and this Connect AUDIO L/R OUT jacks on Playing VCR to AUDIO L/R IN jacks on Recording VCR. Box, set it to the 3) Press ACTION. feature is set to on, a warning appears PBS channel in your whenever an invalid key is pressed in TV, DSS, In place of a Playing VCR, you can use other equipment, such as a Camcorder. time zone. •“TIME ZONE VCR Lock Feature Simply connect the unit’s Audio/Video outputs to the Recording VCR. or Cable mode. ADJUST” returns to • Before Requesting Service • Copy Your Tapes (Dubbing) • Special VCR Features OSD Caution Page PLEASE SET CLOCK BY PRESSING ACTION KEY If you attempt to set or review a Timer Recording and the Clock is not set... See page 6 of Basic Operations book TURN VCR OFF FOR TIMER RECORDING After a Timer Program has been set... See page 6 of Basic Operations book CHECK CASSETTE RECORD TAB If you press REC on the remote control or VCR, and a cassette is inserted with no record tab... See page 3 of Basic Operations book NO CASSETTE If you press PLAY, FF, REW, or REC on the remote control or VCR without a cassette inserted... See page 5 of Basic Operations book TO CANCEL TIMER REC PRESS POWER THEN STOP KEY If you press POWER or STOP during a Timer Recording... (visible in VCR mode only) See page 6 of Basic Operations book VIDEO HEADS MAY NEED CLEANING PLEASE INSERT HEAD CLEANING CASSETTE OR REFER TO MANUAL END :PLAY If head cleaning becomes necessary while playing back a tape... See page 3 of Basic Operations book VCR LOCK ACTIVATED If you press a function button other than STOP/EJECT or POWER while the VCR is in VCR Lock mode... See page 10 REMOTE CONTROL IS SET If you press an invalid key on the TO CABLE/DSS MODE remote while in CABLE/DSS mode... See pages 2, 10 USE VCR : VCR KEY REMOTE CONTROL IS SET TO TV MODE USE VCR : VCR KEY If you press an invalid key on the remote while in TV mode... See pages 2, 10 VCR CLOCK CHANNEL SELECT HOUR DST:ON 9 /29/ 202002 SUNSUN 22 : PM SELECT : SET : EXIT : ACT I ON “0” if clock is set manually. 3) Press and to select and set the date, time, and DST (Daylight SEL. : REGLER: QUITTER : ACT I ON MAGNETO. HORL. CANAL REPRISE LECTURE : NON MESSAGE D’ ERREUR : OUI COUPURE AUTO : NON LANGUAGE/IDIOMA : FRANCAIS CA SORTIE : 3 For French 3) Press ACTION to exit. VCR CLOCK CHANNEL CH AUTO SET PROCEEDING CANCEL : STOP When set to ON, all operations except for timer 1 Press ACTION to display menu. record and tape eject are prohibited. Useful for Playing (Source) VCR Recording (Editing) VCR households with small children. 2 VCR CLOCK CHANNEL SELECT : SET : EXIT : ACT I ON REPEAT PLAY :OFF REMOTE WARNING :ON AUTO SHUTOFF :OFF IDIOMA/LANGUE : ENGLISH VCR’ S OUTPUT CH :3 Press to select 1 Insert pre-recorded tape. Insert blank tape with record tab. Press INPUT* to set VCR Input mode to LINE1 2 REMOTE WARNING To turn on, hold down or OFF. VCR LOCK ACT I VATED mode with no tape Saving Time). and press to set ON • After Channel Auto REC on the VCR in Stop Set is finished, Auto 4) Press ACTION to Clock Set will be start the Clock and performed. exit this mode. inserted for 7 sec. • If “OFF,” remote (Please ignore the NO warning will not appear for Video Input (Rear) or to LINE2 for Video CASSETTE warning.) if invalid key is pressed. Input (Front). (See “Selecting the Input Mode” VCR LOCK OFF To turn off, repeat above. below.) 3 Press ACTION to return to normal screen. Press PLAY, then PAUSE/SLOW Press REC, then PAUSE/SLOW 3 Auto Shut-Off Feature VCR’s Output Channel immediately to enter PLAY/PAUSE mode. immediately to enter REC/PAUSE mode. 1) Press to select press ADD/DLT. • On-Screen Displays (OSD) • Reset Language, Channels, Clock, VCR’s Output Channel • DST Multi-Brand Control Feature ..................................... 2 Add or Delete a Channel Table of Contents • VCR Lock cancels in 24 hours if clock is set. “VCR’S OUTPUT CH.” The power shuts off at a preset time. The operation of steps 4 and 5 must be done on b...


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