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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVC2540

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 2.04 mb
Dateiname: PVC2540.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

R-TUNE, FM/TV, or ADD/DLT button does not work when pressed, press COMBO button on the remote and try the button again. Program Index Search (For Timer recordings only) Choose a timer recorded program from a Program Index List. Display SELECT search SEARCH MODE screen. 1—9 Press SEARCH in Playback or Stop mode. 2 SELECT SEARCH MODE ZERO SEARCH INDEX SEARCH PROGRAM END SEARCH PROGRAM INDEX SEARCH SELECT:* ▼ KEY SET :► KEY END : SEARCH KEY Display PROGRAM INDEX screen. 1) Press AT to select “PROGRAM INDEX SEARCH.” 2) Press ► to display. 3 PROGRAM INDEX DATE START CATEGORY 12/28 10:00A SPORTS ABCD 1/ 4 12:30P MOVIE 1/4 8:OOP COMEDY 1/ 7 3:00P MUSIC SELECT:* ▼ KEY SEARCH:► KEY END : SEARCH KEY NBC C8C NBC Select the desired recorded program. 1) Press AT to select. 2) Press ► to start the forward or rewind search. • When search is finished, playback begins. When the tape is ejected or normal recording is started, all program index data are deleted. Index Scan (f or Normal and/or Timer recordings) In Play mode, the first 10 seconds of each recording can be scanned (forward or reverse.) 1) Repeat steps 1 and press AT to select “INDEX SEARCH." 2) Press ► to display INDEX screen. Start the scan. Press FF or REW. ALTTO INDEX SEARCH Cancel scan, start playback. Press PLAY. PLAY , To st0p pfess STOP. CO Model PV-C2540 unit is shown here. ■O OZ* en (Z) CD CO CD CD? CD CD CE) _ _ AOftpLT GD / Gr <3 „ FAUSE CM SKIP SH 5“GD O %£& NTTï SCAftlX O O “ «£D__. _v 0QÜ 2 SELECT/ Aset Oa:CM UP • VICH DOWN :VOL UP bPEW/FF Cplay ^STOP 1 SEARCH Model PV-C2540 remote is shown here. Start twra Current » Program [HREwt- Pr«tl—| FF \ t Indexed Point ■* Play (lor aboui 10 wconös) — Fast Forward or Rewind 1 STOP» 27 Advanced Operation Preset Caption Display MAIN MENU. Press ACTION*. 2 ETrr SELECT KEY SET :ACTION KEY Display SET UP CH screen. 1) Press AT^ ► to select “CH.” 2) Press ACTION to display. Channel Caption is ... Station names, e.g. ABC, TNN, etc. so that they will appear when a channel is selected. Choose 24 preset names (Preset Caption), or make up to 10 names of your own (Manual Caption.) Iv/^Check list before you begin. □ You need a list of stations and the channel numbers you receive them on. 3 4 5 CHANNEL CAPTION IPRESET CAPTIONI MANUAL CAPTION SELECT:* ▼ KEY SET :► KEY END : ACT ION KEY PRESET CAPTION HIS — pbs CBS — CNN — FOX — ESPN — NBC — HB0 SELECT:* ▼ KEY SET :► KEY END :ACT I ON KEY SET UP CHANNEL JNA : CABLE CHANNEL CAPTION WEAK SIGNAL DISPLAY:OFF CABLE BOX SET UP VCR PIus+ CH SET UP SELECT SET END KEY ► KEY ACTION KEY PRESET CAPTION TNT 42 CBC 62 UPN — CTV 21 WB 35 TSN 52 DSC — GLOB (ES CLEAR ADD/DLT KEY SELECT * ▼ KEY SET ■4 KEY END ACTION KEY Select CHANNEL CAPTION. 1) Press AW to select. 2) Press ► to display. Select PRESET CAPTION. 1) Press AT to select. 2) Press ► to display. • To create your own captions, go to "Manual Caption" on page 29. Go with preset captions. 1) Press AT to select a station. 2) Press ► to move cursor to the right. 3) Press AT to select channel number. 4) Press < to set. Repeat step 5 until the Caption List is complete. f trr COuHTEfl NEC 0 0...


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