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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CTF2134

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 3.5 mb
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

15 • ICON MENU OPERATION ENGLISH LOCK MODE • LOCK SET -To prevent video games, VCR tapes and all channels and video modes from being viewed. Notes: • Use the remote numeric keypad to enter a four-digit secret code (Use a code that is easy to remember and record it in a safe place). • If you do not remember your code, LOCK will unlock in 12, 24, or 48 hours, depending on the current setup. Be cautious when selecting ALWAYS. If ALWAYS is selected, and you forget your secret code, the TV must be serviced by a qualified technician to clear the LOCK setup. • If you select CHANGE CODE, and you change your code from the one used in the LOCK menu, your new code becomes the controlling code. Procedure • Press VOL .. to select. • OFF - Turns Lock function off. • GAME - Lock CH 3, 4 and Video inputs. • CHANNEL - Lock up to four channels. • ALL - Locks all channels and video inputs. LOCK LOCK SET OFF MODE BLOCK PROGRAMS: HOW LONG? U.S. TV PROGRAMS STATUS OFF ENTER CODE * * * * FIRST ACTION • Press twice. • Press CH .. to highlight HOW LONG? • Press VOL .. to select 12 Hours, 24 Hours, 48 Hours or ALWAYS. Note: If GAME, CHANNEL or ALL is selected, and if a blocked channel or video input is selected, the message LOCKED displays in the upper left corner of the TV screen. 16 • V-CHIP MENU OPERATION V-Chip Menu Operation Procedure • Use the numeric keypad to enter your four digit code. (Use a code that is easy to remember and record it in a safe place.) • Press CH .. to enter the BLOCK PROGRAMS field. • Press • VOL or VOL .. to select desired option: U.S. TV Programs, U.S. Movies, Canadian English or Canadian French. • Press CH .. to highlight STATUS. • Press • VOL or VOL • to display desired rating chart: U.S. TV Programs, U.S. Movies, Canadian English or Canadian French. • Press VOL • to select ON or OFF. • Press CH • to select VIEW NR PROGRAMS? for U.S. TV Programs and U.S. Movies or VIEW E PROGRAMS for Canadian English and Canadian French. • Press VOL • to select YES or NO. U.S. TV PROGRAMS This TV model features the “V-Chip technology” which allows you to use U.S. TV PROGRAMS Guide ratings to block various types of TV programs. LOCK MODE HOW LONG? LOCK SET BLOCK PROGRAMS: U.S. TV PROGRAMS OFF STATUS ENTER CODE FIRST OFF * * * * Note: Selecting “Yes”, NR programs will be received. Selecting “NO”, NR programs will be blocked (See Customer Caution on this page). LOCK U.S. TV PROGRAMS SETTING: VIEW NR PROGRAMS? OFF .. YES .. BASIC TV-Y TV-Y7 FV .. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TV-G TV-PG V S L D TV-14 V S L D TV-MA V S L .. Procedure • Press CH .. to select SETTING. • Press VOL .. to select BASIC or DETAILED. BASIC - Allows you to select only general ratings such as TV-Y, TV-PG, etc. DETAILED - Allows you to select both general ratings and content such as V, L, etc. • Press CH .. or CH • to move between different ratings. • Use • VOL or VOL .. to select ratings you want to block (RED) and unblock (GREEN). ACTION • Press twice to return to MODE in Lock menu...

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