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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT20SL14

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 3.5 mb
Dateiname: CT20SL14J.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

SETUP TILT CORRECTION IDIOMA/ LANGUE 0- - - - - - - - -l - - - - - - - - AUTO POWER ON OFF PROG CHAN CHAN BANNER OFF CC GEOMAGNETIC CORR . . TO ADJUST . OTHER ADJ. PRESS ACTION TO EXIT TILT CORRECTION . Procedure • Press VOL • to display adjustment menu. • Press • VOL or VOL • to adjust picture tilt. ENGLISH 13 • ICON MENU OPERATION ENGLISH PICTURE Note: While the sub-menu features are highlighted, press VOL .. to adjust or activate. VIDEO ADJ. • PIC MODE - Lets you choose one of three pre-set Picture Modes that best suit the program you are viewing. Note: Each mode has its own picture settings (Color, Tint, Brightness, Picture, Sharpness and Color Temp). • VIVID - This is the default mode. It provides enhanced picture contrast and sharpness for viewing in a well- lighted room. • STANDARD -Recommended for normal viewing conditions with subdued room lighting. • CINEMA - Select this mode for watching movies in a darkened room. It provides a soft, film-like picture. • COLOR - Adjusts desired color intensity. • TINT - Adjusts natural flesh tones. • BRIGHTNESS - Adjusts dark areas of picture. • PICTURE - Adjusts white areas of picture. • SHARPNESS -Adjusts clarity of outline detail. • NORMAL - Reset adjustments to factory default settings. PICTURE VIDEO ADJ. OTHER ADJ. PIC MODECOLOR TINT VIVID -- ----I -- -- --- ----I -- -- -BRIGHTNESS -- ----I -- -- -PICTURE -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---- -- -- -- -- --I SHARPNESS -- ----I -- -- -NORMAL NO . OTHER ADJ. Highlight OTHER ADJ. and then press VOL ... Note: While highlighted, press VOL .. to select or activate feature. PICTURE VIDEO ADJ. COLOR TEMP NORMAL .. OTHER ADJ. VM OFF • COLOR TEMP (temperature) - To increase or decrease WARM (red) and COOL (blue) colors to suit personal preferences. • VM (VELOCITY MODULATION) -Increase picture sharpness and provides crisp white to black transitions. Note: VM is not available in model CT-20SL14. TIMER SLEEP • How Long? - Select 30, 60 or 90 minutes for TV to turn off. Select NO to turn off Sleep timer.• TIMER SLEEP HOW LONG? NO • TIMER CLOCK SET TIMER Select timer to turn the television on and off at selected times, on selected channels, and on selected days. Time must be entered in CLOCK SET to operate the TIMER features. Procedure • Use the VOL • and CH • to set day, On Time, Off Time and Channel number, then use the VOL .. to activate.• TIMER SLEEP CLOCK SET TIMER DAY ON TIME OFF TIME ENTER CHANNEL SET NO • : : MON - FRI Notes: • The television automatically turns OFF after 90 minutes when turned ON by the TIMER. If the OFF time is selected or if a key is pressed, the automatic OFF after 90 minutes will be cancelled. • The TIMER is active when the television is OFF or ON. The television will switch to the selected channel at the selected time set in the TIMER. CLOCK SET • TIME -Set the time of the day. • Day - Set the day of the week. Procedure Note: Use • VOL , VOL .. and CH • to set time and day.• TIMER SLEEP CLOCK SET TIMER TIME - - : - -AM DAY SUN 14 • I...

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