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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CTF2523

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 1.15 mb
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

Time must be entered in CLOCK SET to operate the TIMER features. Procedure • Use the VOL • and CH • to set day, On Time, Off Time and Channel number, then use the VOL u to activate.• Notes: • The television automatically turns OFF after 90 minutes when turned ON by the TIMER. If the OFF time is selected or if a key is pressed, the automatic OFF after 90 minutes will becancelled. • The TIMER is active when the television is OFF or ON. The television will switch to the selected channel at the selected time set in the TIMER. CLOCK SET • TIME - Set the time of the day. • DAY - Set the day of the week. Procedure Note: Use • VOL , VOL u and CH q to set time and day.• CHANNELS CAPTION • MANUAL CAPTION - To enter numbers and captions manually. Note: Use the remote numeric keypad to select desired channel (refer to your local TV guide). • INPUT LABEL - To label video input connections for onscreen display. Procedure • Press VOL • to display the next menu. • Press CH q or CH p to move cursor. • Press • VOL or VOL u to select desired preset input label (see chart below). INPUT LABEL CHART PRESET LABELS REASON FOR SELECTING VCR Select when VCR is connected to video input. DVD Select when DVD is connected to video input. SKIP Select to skip unused video input when pressing TV/VIDEO button. CABLE Select when CABLE box is connected to video input. DBS Select when DBS is connected to video input. DTV STB Select when digital TV set-top-box is connected to video input. PVR (Personal Video Recorder) Select when a personal video recorder is connected to video input. GAME Select when Video GAME is connected to video input. AUX Select when other components are connected. _____ Select to delete input label. 12 • ICON MENU OPERATION AUDIO AUDIO ADJ. • MODE -Select STEREO, SAP (Second Audio Program) or MONO. (Use MONO when stereo signal is weak). • BASS - Increase or decrease the bass response. • TREBLE - Increase or decrease the treble response. • BALANCE - Emphasize the left/right speaker volume. • NORMAL - Reset BASS, TREBLE and BALANCE adjustments to factory default settings. OTHER ADJ. • AI SOUND - Equalize overall volume levels across all channels. (AI sound is not available in VIDEO mode). • BBE® -Sound technology enhances speech intelligibility and restores the dynamic range of musical passages to provide outstanding natural sound. Procedure • Press VOL u to select On or OFF. SURROUND • MODE - Enhances audio response when listening to stereo. Procedure • Press VOL u to select On or OFF. SPEAKERS • SPEAKERS -This feature is used when connecting to an external amplifier. Procedure • Press VOL u to select. • ON - TV speakers operate normally. • OFF & Variable Audio Out - TV speakers off - audio adjustable by television. • OFF & Fixed Audio Out - TV speakers off - audio adjustable by the external amplifier only. LOCK MODE • LOCK SET -To prevent video games, VCR tapes and all channels and video modes from being viewed. Notes: • Use the remote numeric keypad to enter a...

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