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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CTF2123

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 1.15 mb
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

7 4 1 2 5 8 0 9 6 3 R-TUNE Press to switch to previously viewed channel or video mode. MENU Press to access DBS or DVD menus. PROG Press to enter the minor number in a compound channel number (DBS mode only). RECALL Press to display time, channel, sleep timer, and other options. EUR7613Z60 Battery Installation Use two AA batteries: Remove battery cover by pushing in and up near arrow. Install batteries matching (+) and (-) polarity signs. Replace the battery cover. Note: Incorrect installation can cause battery leakage and corrosion that will damage the Remote Control. Precautions • Replace batteries in pairs. • Do not mix battery types (zinc carbon with alkaline). • Do not recharge, heat, short-circuit, disassemble, or burn batteries. 6 • REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION Operating Components with Remote Control Note: Refer to page 8 for programming Remote Control procedure. Operating a VCR Program the remote control to use with VCR. TO DO THIS... PRESS Turn on/off POWER Select TV Input mode for VCR TV/VIDEO Change Channels up/down VCR/DBS CH Record REC PLAY Play • Stop STOP Fast Forward FF Rewind the Tape REW Pause PAUSE TV/VCRChange to TV or VCR Mode TV/VIDEO On screen VCR Display RECALL Operating a CABLE BOX Program the remote control to use with Cable Box. Operating a DBS Program the remote control to use with DBS. TO DO THIS... PRESS Turn on/off POWER Display DBS menu ACTION CH Menu Navigation VOLVOL CH Select a Channel 7 4 1 2 5 8 0 9 6 3 Program Information RECALL Back to previous channel R-TUNE Select next page up/down VCR/DBS CH Exit menus EXIT Display program Guide GUIDE Minor channel numbers PROG Operating a DVD Program the remote control to use with DVD ENGLISH TO DO THIS... PRESS Turn on/off POWER Select a Channel 7 4 1 2 5 8 0 9 6 3 Change Channels Up/Down CH CH Back to previous channel R-TUNE TO DO THIS... PRESS Turn on/off POWER Next/Previous Chapter CH CH DVD Display RECALL Skip Search Reverse REW Skip Search Fast Forward FF PLAY Play • Open/Close TV/VCR Stop STOP Still PAUSE Slow +/VCR/ DBS CH 7 • REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION ENGLISH Programming The Remote The Universal Remote Control can be programmed to operate many manufacturers’ components, using the component function buttons for VCR, DVD, CABLE or DBS. Follow the procedures for programming your Remote Control with or without a code for the component. Device Operates Default TV TV (Panasonic Only) Panasonic Code DBS/CBL DBS\CBL (Preset) Panasonic DBS Code VCR VCR (Preset) Panasonic Code DVD DVD (Preset) Panasonic Code Note: Determine the manufacturer of the component and look in the table for the code (found on page 9). Procedure • Confirm that the external component is plugged and operating. • Turn the component off. ACTION • Press and POWER together, for at least 5 seconds. • Press appropriate component button on the Remote Control VCR, DVD, CABLE or DBS. • Enter the 3-digit component code using the Remote Control numeric keypad (0 ~ 9 buttons). • Press the Remote Control POWER to te...

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