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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT20G13X

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 784.22 kb
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Avoid excessive moisture. Cuidado y limpieza Pantalla (Para Apagar la Televisión) • Use una solución de jabón suave o limpiador de vidrio con un paño suave y limpio. NO USE LIMPIADORES ABRASIVOS. • Evite la humedad excesiva y seque bien. Estante y Control Remoto • Use un paño suave humedecido con agua o una solución de detergente suave. No use benceno, diluyentes (thínner) u otros productos de limpieza a base de petróleo. • Seque con un paño suave y limpio. Evite la humedad excesiva. Specifications Especificaciones Power Source CT-13R3 CT-13R18 CT-13R19 CT-20G3 CT-20G13 CT-20G23 CT-20G33 CT-20R15 120V AC, 60Hz Channel Capability -161 VHF-12; UHF-56; Cable-113 Video Input Jacks {some models) 1Vp_p, 75 Ohm, Phono Jack Type Audio Input Jacks (some models) 500mV RMS47K Ohm To Audio AMP Jack (some models) 0-2.0V RMS 4.7K Ohm Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. Fuente de Potencia CT-Z1416 (0.9A) CT-Z2116 (1,3A) CT-Z2136 (1,4A) CT-G2156 (1,4A) CT-Z1416X (o,9A) CT-20R15X (1,2A) CT-20G13X (i,4A) CT-Z2116X (t,2A) CT-Z2136X (1,4A) CT-Z1426L CT-Z2126L (1,4A) CT-Z2146L (i,4A) CT-G2166L (1,4A) 120Vca; 60Hz 127Vca; 60Hz Auto (110Vca-220Vea); 50/60HZ Capacidad de Canales -181 VHF-12; UHF-56; Cable-113 Terminales de Entrada de Video (algunos modelos) 1V- 75 ohmios estilo fonográfico Terminales de Entrada de Audio (algunos modelos) 500mV rms 47 Kilo Ohmios Terminal para el Amplificador de Audio (algunos modelos) 0-2.OV rms 4.7 Kilo Ohmios Las especificaciones están sujetas a cambio sin previo aviso ni obligación alguna. -2- Ommmwm Television Location This unit is intended to be used with an optional stand or entertainment center. Consult your dealer for available options. □ Avoid excessive sunlight or bright lights, including reflections. □ Keep away froin excessive heat or moisture. Inadequate ventilation may cause internal component failure. □ Fluorescent lighting may reduce Remote Control transmitting range. □ Avoid magnetic equipment, including motors, fans, or external speakers. Optional Cable Connections Shielded audio and video cables should be used between components. For best results: • Use 75-ohm coaxial shielded cables. • Check type of output and input connectors on your components. • Determine required cable lengths. AC Power Supply Cord CAUTION: TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK, MATCH WIDE BLADE OF PLUG TO WIDE SLOT OF AC OUTLET AND FULLY INSERT. DO NOT USE A PLUG WITH A RECEPTACLE OR OTHER OUTLET UNLESS THE BLADE CAN BE FULLY INSERTED TO PREVENT BLADE EXPOSURE. FOR SOME MODELS THAT ARE NON-POLARIZED, THE USE OF AN AC ADAPTOR CONNECTOR MAY NECESSARY. Polarized plug Enchufe polarizado BE Batteries • Replace batteries in pairs. • Do not mix battery types (zinc carbon with alkaline). • Do not recharge, short-circuit, disassemble, heat, or burn used batteries. Cable / Antenna For proper reception, either a cable or antenna connection are required. Cable Connection Connect the cable supp...

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Fernseher - CTZ2136X (784.22 kb)
Fernseher - CTZ2136 (784.22 kb)
Fernseher - CTZ2126L (784.22 kb)


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