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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT20G22D

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Repeat procedure using each code listed until Cable Television Converter box responds correctly. Alternate Procedure - Code Unknown Programming Universal Remote Using the “Sequence Method” for Cable Television Converter Boxes • Confirm Cable Television Converter box is plugged in and operating properly, then turn OFF. Procedure tv/cable 1. Place the Remote CEO into the CABLE position (Right). ' 3 ' CABLE POWER 2. Press and hold [ | down on Universai Remote. 3. Press repeatedly. Check for the Cable Television Converter box to turn ON after each press. When the Cable Television Converter box turns ON, release Cable Power button. The proper infrared code has now been accessed. NOTE: • It may take several attempts before the correct code is found^ • The can be used to return to a code that was accidently passed by. • Some Remote Controls may have unique operating functions for some buttons. For Example: The POWER button may only turn the Cable Television Converter box OFF as opposed to both ON and OFF. It will then be necessary to modify the procedure. Turn the Cable Television Converter box ON and repeatedly press the ^ until the Cable Television Converter box turns OFF. NOTE: When operating equipment (VCR or Cable Converter box) with the Universal Remote Control, the TV/CABLE Switch should be set to the same position where the Access Code was first programmed for the equipment. Otherwise, leave the switch in the TV position. -22- VCR and Cable Converter Box Infrared Codes Index (For CT-20G22 Only) The Universal infrared Remote Control is capable of operating many brands of VCRs and Cable Television Converter Boxes after entering the proper infrared code. NOTE: The Universal Remote Control memory is limited. Some models of VCRs or Cable Television Converter Boxes may not operate. The Universal Remote Control is not designed to control all features that are available in all models. Infrared Code Index For VCRs VCR Brand Code(s) VCR Brand Code(s) Audio Dynamics 14,16 NEC 02,14,16, 30 Broksonic 10 Panasonic 00,01 Canon 00,01 Pentax 05 Capehart 01 Philco 00, 29 Citizen 09 Philips 00, 29 Craig 12 Pioneer 05 Curtis Mathes 00, 08, 15 Quasar 00,01 DBX 14,16 RCA 05,07,08,28,35 Emerson 10,20,34,35,36, 37 Realistic 00, 02,06,12,15 Fisher 12,18,19 Samsung 07, 32 Funai 15 Sanyo 02,12 GE 00,07, 08,32 Scott 04,13, 33,36 Goldstar 09 Sears 02, 05,18,19 Hitachi 05, 35, 36 Sharp 06, 24 Instant Replay 00 Sony 17,26, 33,34 JC Penney 00,02,05,14,16,30 Sylvania 00,29 JVC 02,14,16, 30 Symphonic 15 Kenwood 02,14,16, 30 Tashiko 09 Magnavox 00, 29 Tatung 30 Marantz 02,14,16, 29, 30 Teac 15,30 Marta 09 Teknika 21 Memorex 00,12 Toshiba 05,13 MGA 04, 27 Vector Research 14,16 Minolta 05 Video Concepts 14,16 Mitsubishi 04,27 Wards 06 Montgomery Ward 06 Yamaha 02,14,16,30 Multitech 07, 15, 32 Zenith 11,17 Infrared Code Index For Cable Television Converter Box Brand of Brand of Cable-TV Box Code(s) Cable-TV Box Code(s) G.I. 04, 05,15, 23, 24, Pioneer 18,20 25,30, 36 RCA 27 Hamlin 12,13,34 Regency 02 Jerrold 04, 05,15, 23, 24, Scientific Atlantic 03,22 25, 30, 36 Sylvania 11 Macom 27 Texscan 10, 11 Magnavox 19,26, 28,29,32, Tocom 17,21 33, 40, 41 Unika 31 Oak 14,16,18 Viewstar 19,26, 28,29, 32, Oak Sigma 16 33. 40, 41 Panasonic 27,39 Zenith 01,42 Philips 19, 26, 28, 29, 32, 33, 40, 41 -23- Troubleshooting Chart Before you call for service, determine the symptoms and make a few simple checks shown below. Symptoms Picture SNOWY PICTURE Sound ъ NOISY SOUND Check - ANTENNA LOCATION AND/OR CONNECTION b MULTIPLE IMAGE NOISY SOUND ANTENNA DIRECTION AND/OR LOCATION ANTENNA LEAD-IN WIRE DEVICES CONNECTEDTO FRONT AND REAR A/V JACKS ON AT THE SAME TIME INTERFERENCE 4 NOISY SOUND (t ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES, LIGHTS, CARS AND TRUCKS DIATHERMY AND OTHER MEDICAL EQUIPMENT NORMAL PICTURE NO SOUND VOLUME CONTROL SETTING MUTE CONTROL (IF APPLICABLE) TRY ANOTHER CHANNEL TV SPEAKERS SWITCH (IF APPLICABLE) IN THE OFF POSITION NO VIDEO g4 NOISY SOUND TV OR CABLE TUNING MODE SET TO PROPER SETTING ANTENNA INPUT CORRECT {IF APPLICABLE) NO PICTURE CHECK THAT AC POWER LINE IS PLUGGED INTO AC OUTLET BRIGHTNESS & AUDIO CONTROLS SET PROPERLY TRY ANOTHER CHANNEL NO SOUND NO COLOR b “x NORMALSOUND COLOR CONTROL SETTINGS TRY ANOTHER CHANNEL - RECEIVER IN VIDEO MODE WITH NO SIGNAL BLACK PICTURE NO SOUND Power Loss Prolonged power interruption causes the following features to reset to their factory preset state. FEATURE FACTORY PRESET STATE FEATURE FACTORY PRESET STATE POWER OFF CLOCK NOT SET AUTO POWER ON NO CHANGE SLEEP TIMER OFF VOLUME APPROX.-1/3 PROGRAM TIMER OFF CHANNEL CH 03 ANTENNA MODE CABLE PROGRAM MEMORY UNPROGRAMMED TV/VIDEO TV VIDEO MENUS NORMALIZED TRILINGUAL MENU ENGLISH STEREO/SAP/MONO STEREO Panasonic Sales Company, Division of Matsushita Electric of Puerto Rico Inc. (“PSC”) Ave, 65 de Infanteria, Km 9.5 San Gabriel Industrial Park Carolina, ...

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