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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT20G22

Hersteller: Panasonic
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First program the Remote for the selected VCR Infrared access code. Confirm that the Remote Control is compatible with the equipment. Face the Remote Control transmitter away from all equipment remote sensors. Press and hold down the Remote TV Power button, then press and hold down the MULTI button at the same time. Release buttons (All previous commands will be erased.) 2. 3. POWER MULTI PRESS SIMULTANEOUSLY 4. Press a maximum of 6 Function buttons on the Remote. Each button you press is equal to one function. If six Remote button functions are entered, all will register in the MULTI button memory in the sequence entered. When less than six Remote button functions are entered, press the MULTI button to end the program mode. (Waiting more than 30 seconds without pressing another button will also end the program mode.) The following is an example of Remote functions that can be programmed into the MULTI button. - TV Power - For turning TV ON and OFF. - VCR Power - For turning VCR ON and OFF (selected brands after programming it’s Infrared access code, if necessary). Both can be turned ON or OFF with one press of the MULTI button. Cable Power (For CT-20G22 Only) POWER VCR POWER CABLE The to POWER I 1 on the Remote Control has been designed operate selected brands of Cable Television Converter boxes. The proper cable television converter box infrared code must be obtained prior to use. (Please refer to Programming the Universal Remote for programming instructions.) The Remote Control TV/CABLE switch should be in the CABLE position. NOTE: The^ or ^ on the Remote may be used for selecting Cable Converter box channels. MULTI To delete entered functions - Repeat step 3. Now you can enter from one to six different Remote functions. NOTE: You can also program the MULTI button to perform most individual Remote Control button functions. Buttons which continuously perform a function as long as pressed (Volume Up/Down, Channel Up/Down, etc.) cannot be programmed. Only those buttons which perform a function when initially pressed (Power On/Off, Mute, Direct -Channel Entry, etc.) can be programmed. -13- Main Menu reaw! A % a * mm ragi jw irai] LS3J Hfüí, NOTE: When Auto Power On feature is activated, Timer Icon will change to Exit Icon. Oo ACTION A (^OL^ ^vo£) w Display and Exit Menus CH BUTTONS Highlight Desired Feature when Menu is Displayed VOL BUTTONS Selects or Adjusts Features when Menu is Displayed Menu Language Selection The MENU LANGUAGE is factory set to ENGLISH. Follow the instructions to change the Language Menu to SPANISH, FRENCH, and back to ENGLISH. CD 1. Press action _ 2. Press A or^ and or ^ to highlight the Set-Up Icon. CD 3. Press action to display the Set-Up Menu. |?SEJ|Ug M SETiTIMH 4. Press A or^ to highlight ENGLISH, ESPAÑOL, FRANÇAIS. 5. Press ^ or ^ to select ENGLISH, ESPAÑOL, FRANÇAIS. 1. Press ACTION . 2. Press or^^ and or to select the desired Icon. O 3. Press action after selecting the desired Icon to access sub menus. CD 4. Press action twice to exit menus. -14- Picture Adjustments Picture Norm Use to reset Color, Tint, Brightness, Picture, and Sharpness adjustments back to a factory preset level. CD 1. Press action . 2. PressAor^ and^ orB> to highlight the Picture Icon. CD 3. Press action todisplaythePictureAdjustmentMenu. I: iRlCT.UREl PICTURE NORM NO COL'ORMHHiMHitiiimm WB SHARPNESS O QQOOD C> ooooooQooooooo OOGGOOOGGGOQfc5 o o 09 p o 11lf 1 llitlttlltll 111 III 1.1. ! QQQQQQQQQQQQQo o o o o o o 4. Press A or^7 to highlight PICTURE NORM. 5. Press ^ or ^ to select “SET” to normalize Color, Tint, Brightness, Picture, and Sharpness. CD 6. Press action twice to exit menus. Color, Tint, Brightness, Picture, and Sharpness Adjustments o 1. Press action . 2. Press A or^7 and^orB^ to highlight the Picture Icon. CD 3. Press action to display the Picture Adjustment Menu. ppsisri JDL IRICTUREI COLOR 31 IHIIIIIIMM- - - - - uKI? oooo© oQaoooooo I 1 BRIGHTNESS] OQOOOOOOOOOOOaoooooo ...........urn mmn mum mil I SHÂRRNESS1 0000000000000=» <=> o o o e=. o | 4. Press A orW to select the desired Picture Adjustment (Color, Tint, Brightness, Picture, or Sharpness). 5. Press or to adjust your selection. (The Selected Picture Adjustment will be displayed.) 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the remaining Picture Adjustments. CD 7. Press action twice to exit menus. Audio Adjustments Mode When Audio is broadcast in Stereo or SAP, an On-Screen display will appear on initial ‘Turn On” and “Channel Change”. The available choices will be highlighted. O 1. Press action . 2. Press or^^ and or B^ to highlight the Audio Icon. cd 3. Press action to display the Audio Adjustment Menu. NOTE: Al SOUND IS NOT USED IN CT-20G12 4. Press ^ or ^ to select STEREO, SAP (Second Audio Programming), or MONO. The selected mode will be highlighted. C...

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