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Anleitung Panasonic, modell VV1307

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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

31, 2089, 11:59PM. Normal TV or Cable channels are automatically selected and placed in memory depending on how your Combination VCR is hooked up. 9 Getting Started On Screen Displays (OSD) Channel & Function Display Whenever the channel is changed, the channel number will appear for a few seconds on-screen. (Some station names may also appear.) When a function button is pushed (PLAY, FF, etc.), the Combination VCR mode will be displayed. • When a recording is started, both REC and the channel number will appear together. Warning and Instruction Displays These displays will alert you of a missed operation or provide further instructions. If no active channels are found for CHANNEL MEMORY... (see page 5.) If you attempt to set or review a Timer Recording or set the On Timer and the Clock is not set... (see pages 8, 9.) NO CH FOUND PLEASE CHECK ANTENNA CABLE CONNECTION THEN PUSH CH UP KEY AGAIN PLEASE SET CLOCK BEFORE PROGRAMMING Menu Screen 1 Push MENU to display the MAIN MENU. 2 Push A V <10 and MENU to make your selection (see page 8). • To get the most from each feature, please read the Operation Manual before attempting any operation. MAIN MENU TV | ffi5! | SfGDSGE nr | © | Д| CH CLOCK EXIT SELECT KEY SET :MENU KEY VCR Status & Clock Display Push DISPLAY to display and remove display the overlay shown below. ri Function Status Current Time Rec Time Remaining (OTR mode only see page 17.) REC 12:00AM - WNET-0:25 0:00:00 SLP \ Channel & Call Letter Tape Speed Tape Counter Blank Tape/ No Video Signal Indication When a blank section of tape comes up in Play mode, or the selected channel has no broadcast signal, the TV screen will turn solid blue. If a Timer Program was not completed before exiting the Program mode... (see pages 18, 19.) If you push REC on the remote control or the Combination VCR, and a cassette is inserted with no record tab... (see page 21.) If you push STOP during a Timer Recording... (see page 19.) If you push PLAY, FF, REW, or REC on the remote control or the Combination VCR without a cassette inserted... (see pages 15, 16, 17.) If Combination VCR is not in Stop mode or a cassette with record tab is not inserted two minutes before a Timer Recording is about to begin... (see pages 18, 19.) If head cleaning becomes necessary while playing back a tape... (see page 21.) VIDEO HEADS MAY NEED CLEANING PLEASE I NSERT HEAD CLEANING CASSETTE OR REFER TO MANUAL END:PLAY KEY DATE START STOP CH 7 SUN 10:30PIQ:3QM25l SET :■* ► KEY END : PROG KEY NO CASSETTE PLEASE INSERT A CASSETTE CHECK CASSETTE RECORD TAB PLEASE PREPARE FOR TIMER REC TO CANCEL TIMER REC HOLO DOWN STOP KEY FOR APPROX 3 SEC 10 If you push a function button other than STOP/EJECT or POWER while the Combination VCR is in VCR Lock mode... (See page 20.) VCR LOCK ACTIVATED TVOgeration Iñ^i Check fist before you begin. □ All connections are made (see page 5). □ Your Combination VCR is plugged in. Push POWER to turn the Combination VCR on. О © ©j or © © ©' © © © 0 @ Select a channel using a or the NUMBERED keys. Push VOL 00 to adjust the volume level. Using the 100 key When selecting CATV channels 100 to 125 with the NUMBERED keys, first push the 100 key, and then enter the remaining two digits. For example, for channel 125: Push the NUMBERED keys 100-2-5. if H RAPID TUNE О © Qj © © ©; © © © 100 KEY Rapid Tune Push R-TUNE to display the last channel Previous Present you were watching. channel channel • When selecting channels with CH A ^ the channels must be displayed for at least 4 CH8 » CH10 seconds in order for the Combination VCR to recognize them as a new selection. Audio Mute Push MUTE to instantly mute the sound. Push again, to restore the previous sound level. Phones Connect an earphone (not supplied) or headphone (not supplied) to the Phones Jack. Game Mode Feature This feature adjusts the color and picture intensity levels so the screen is easier on the eyes when video games are played. • This Combination VCR contains no video game software. GAME o Push GAME on the Combination VCR to select “ON”. • “GAME” is displayed for 4 seconds. To Cancel the Game Mode, push GAME again to cancel. • The previous color and picture settings will be restored. This feature is nol available when tape playback is in progress. Game mode is turned off when one of the following functions is performed: Power is turned Off • Play mode is entered" Channel is changed • Power failure occurs Input signal is changed 11 Basic TV Operation Picture Adjustment Check list before you begin. □ All connections are made (see page 5). □ Your Combination VCR is plugged in. O © 0 © © © © © © © 0 ec ocpuv fiLFr* o»t»v □ □□□ HfWa PUkt ffWQ G3 Q3 o rri (O) ACOtt-T Push MENU to display the MAIN MENU. Push A V


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