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Anleitung Panasonic, modell VHQ840

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 1.45 mb
Dateiname: VHQ840.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

You can then use these index marks to access or scan your recordings. REWIND FAST FORWARD 3 3 Direct Access This feature allows you to go directly to the recording you want from anywhere on the tape by entering the appropriate index number. 1 Press INDEX* in Playback or Stop mode. Press a NUMBERED key to select the desired recording. • To calculate the number, see below. 3 Press REW or FF to start a reverse or forward search. • When the designated location is reached, the VCR goes into Playback mode. INDEX SEARCH 04 To calculate an Index Number Count forward or backward each recording start point, including the recording you want to see, from wherever you are on the tape. Example 1: If you are watching recording 4 and you want to watch recording 2, count the start points to number 2. The total is 3. Enter 3 in step “2” and press REW. 1 2 ' 4 5 6 7 Example 2: If you are watching recording 2 and you want to watch recording 6, count the start points to number 6. The total is 4. Enter 4 in step “2” and press FF. -t 1 ‘h ; 3_~ '■ 6 7 NOTE: I indicates start points of each recording. 20 Make each entry within 10 seconds, or the Index Search mode will be canceled. Index marks will be placed for Timer recordings as well. If the VHS Index Search System are initiated extremely close to an index mark, there is a possibility that the index mark will not be counted in the search. Index Scan This feature allows you to scan (forward or reverse) each recording for 10 seconds in Playback mode. REWIND b FAST FORWARD b REWIND CD PAUSE O © |3) o © © o © © © © © VOL CM DpAi ÏÏ lAff ra>couMTU2Bo 9°SH J FAST FORWARD Model VHQ860 remote is shown here. 3 Press INDEX in Playback or Stop mode. b Press REW or FF to begin the scan. • As each index mark is reached, a short playback will be performed after which FF or REW resumes. C Press PLAY to cancel the scan and begin playback. • You may also press STOP to stop the tape. Start here 4 Current • Program |H R Ew|«— Press-»fWT-H» I STOP t Indexed Point ■mr Play (for about 10 seconds) — Fast Forward or Rewind STOP Auto Operation Functions Auto Playback When a tape is inserted, the power turns on (Auto). If the record tab* is removed, playback begins (Auto). Auto Rewind When a tape reaches its end during playback, fast forward or manual record, the VCR will rewind and go into Stop mode. Playback Auto Eject (Repeat Play is “OFF.”) When a tape without a record tab* is played to its end, the VCR will rewind and then eject the tape. Memory Rewind Off When the POWER button is pressed during rewind, the VCR will turn off after rewind is complete. * For record tab information, see page 5. 21 More You Can Do Tape Operation (continued) •Important: If the remote control POWER, ACTION, PROG, CHA/T , INDEX, or ADD/DLT button does not work when pressed, press the VCR button on the remote and try the button again. Your VCR is equipped with several time saving features as well as convenient automatic functions making tape operation easier than ever. One Minute Skip The VCR rapidly skips over one minute of tape. A Press ZERO/1 MIN in Play mode. • The VCR will go into FF search mode and skip over 60 seconds of recorded time. Normal playback will then resume. Repeat Play The VCR will play your recording over and over. 1 Press ACTION* to display the menu. 2 Press AT to select “SET UP VCR,” and then press ► to display the “SET UP VCR” screen. --------- MENU --------- bmil SET CLOCK SET UP CHANNEL ID IOWA/LANGUE: ENGLISH SELECT:* ▼ KEY SET :► KEY END :ACT I ON KEY 3 Press AT to select “REPEAT PLAY," and then press ► to select “ON” or “OFF.” • When “ON” is selected the VCR plays the tape to its end or until a blank portion of over 30 seconds is detected (erased portions are not considered blank). The tape is then rewound and played again and again until Repeat Play is turned off. 4 Press ACTION twice to return to the normal screen. Zero Search To quickly return to a specific tape location. 3 Press DISPLAY to display the Time Counter overlay during playback. b Press COUNTER RESET to reset the Time Counter to “0:00:00” at the desired position. _ Model VHQ860 only C Continue playback, rewind, or fast forward. d Press ZERO/1 MIN in Stop mode when you want to return to “0:00:00." • The VCR will go into FF or REW mode and stop at the last point the Time Counter was set to 0:00:00. ► STEREO »SAP MONO 12:004M СН oe 0:00:00 SP ------SET UP VCR----- : ON BEEPER : ON NOISY CH BLUE BACK: ON SELECT:* ▼ KEY SET :► KEY END : ACT ION KEY 22 ^r~L,"lgnl Co^^ngYou^age^Dubbi^ Connections you’ll need to make. For Model VHQ840 For Model VHQ860 (Audio Out (R)) When connecting to a normal VCR, use the L Audio In jack for proper sound reproduction. 1 Insert a pre-recorded tape into the Playing (Source) VCR. 2 Insert a blank tape with record tab into the Recording (Editing) VCR. 3 Select “LINE” Input mode o...


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