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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVV4621

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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

• If a timer recording is scheduled for the middle of the night, please be aware that the VCR will make some noise as it rewinds and fast forwards the tape while marking commercials. CQMMfRCiAi“JiMfliMCE* and movie"ABunNCB* are registered trademarks of SRT, Inc. A Jerry Iggulden invention licensed in association with Arthur D. Little Enterprises, Inc. U.S.Pat. No. 5,333,091; 5,692,093; 5,696,866 other patents pending 28 For assistance, please call : 1-800-211-PANA(7262) or send e-mail to : consumerproducts@panasonic.com ‘Important: If a remote control button does not work when pressed, press the VCR button on the remote and try the button again. MOVIE »ADVANCE* aaovie^abhmncm* helps you locate certain parts of prerecorded movies (rented or purchased). The feature works in two ways. • You can go to the beginning of the movie. • You can skip from one preview to the next. fiACK/tE'-AMiVAMcm' works only on tapes recorded in SP speed with the record tab removed. Ready Check List □ All connections are made. 0 One time Setup completed. □ VCR is plugged in. 0 TV is turned on and set to CH3, 4 or Video on TV. 1 Insert a tape without record tab. SEARCH INDEX I PROG. END I MOVIE ENTER INDEX NUMBER :! USING 1-9 KEYS FORWARD SEARCH :FF REVERSE SEARCH :REW NEXT :SEARCH M/A SKIP EXIT :STDE_ Press SEARCH/ M/A SKIP* to display SEARCH. I~TnPEX fPROG. END I MOVIE GO TO PREVIEW SEARCH START : FF SELECT :a » EXIT : SEARCH M/A SKIP Press SEARCH/ M/A SKIP twice to select MOVIE and press AT to select GO TO START MOVIE or GO TO PREVIEW. PLAY SELECT/ SET A:PLAY T :STOP ► :FF STOP SEARCH/ M/A SKIP Select “GO TO START MOVIE.” if you want to advance directly to beginning of the movie. ~> continue with step 4. Select “GO TO PREVIEW.” if you want to view the first (next) preview. --> go to ‘To Search for Preview” at right. Press ► to start searching. • To cancel, press STOP. When the movie is found... Press PLAY to start playback. • To cancel, press STOP. To Search for Preview. You can override the operation of AiOVfE^JUHMNCg* SEARCH FOR PREVIEWS mode by pressing SEARCH/M/A SKIP during tape searching. MOVIE "ADIMNCB* works by searching the tape past each preview and then reversing back to the start of the detected preview. While the tape is reversing back, if SEARCH/ M/A SKIP is pressed, MOWE--JUDM/INCE* will begin searching for the next preview. While searching for the next preview, if you see the start of a preview which you wish to watch, press SEARCH/ M/A SKIP and AAOVIE * -AMRMNCB* will immediately reverse back to the start of that preview, instead of searching further past the preview start point. Once the VCR is playing a preview, press SEARCH/ M/A SKIP to advance to the next preview, long commercial or the start of the movie (whichever is next). 1 Start preview searching. 1) In step 3 at left, select Go To PREVIEW. 2) Press ►. • If you want to playback, press PLAY. When a preview is detected, VCR will start playback. 2 Start next preview searching. Press SEARCH/ M/A SKIP. • To cancel, press STOP. 29 Advanced Operation Tape Operation (continued) Search System For each recording, an invisible index mark is placed on the tape. A program index and information are also included for timer recordings. These marks are used to access or scan recordings. Index Search ■ Program End Search Press SEARCH/ Locates end point of recording for continuity. A Press SEARCH/ M/A SKIP 1 twice to display SEARCH in Stop or Play mode. 1 SEARCH INDEX 1 PROG. END-! 1 ENTER INDEX NUMBER :1 USING 1-9 KEYS FORWARD SEARCH ;FF REVERSE SEARCH :REW NEXT ¡SEARCH WA SKIP EXIT STOP M/A SKIP* to display SEARCH in Stop or Play mode. INDEX SEARCH 5 Press number keys to select recording number. •To calculate number, see below. Press FF or REW to start search. INDEX SEARCH Play begins at search end. To search forward or back 1 index, press FF or REW while screen left is displayed {10 sec.). ■ To Calculate Index Number Example 1 : To go to rec. 2 from rec, 4, enter 3 and press REW. I 1 I 2 I 3 1 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 Example 2: To go to rec. 6 from rec 2, enter 4 and press FF. NOTE: I indicates start points of each recording. • If Index Search is started very close to an index mark, that index mark may not be counted in the search. _____ SEARCH _ rINDEX I PROG. END 1 MOVIE SEARCH START ;FF NEXT : SEARCH M/A SKIP EXIT :STQP Press FF to start PROGRAM END SEARCH. Examples of Program End Search. FJg.,1 6 LANK V End Point Fiq.3 (h* current loom poaitton Pros SEARCH button j§~|| _IblaNK^ 4 End Point Program 2 J] If search exceeds a few seconds in BLANK area. Upon locating end point, ->search continues 7 sec. past end point, ->tape rewinds to 10 sec. before end point, -->tape plays to end point and stops. • If Program End Search is started very close to an index mark, that mark may be skipped over. • To cancel, press PLAY or STOP. 30 For assistance, please call : 1 -800-211...


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