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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVV4603S

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 10.76 mb
Dateiname: PVV4603S.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

end. To search forward or back 1 index, press Zero Search To quickly return to a specified tape location. • No indication appears. FF or REW while Fig. 1 End Point Program 2 or BLANKProgram 1 the current tape position Press SEARCH button INDEX screen left is displayed 1 Press DISPLAY during play (10 sec.). to display Counter. FF • To cancel, press PLAY 12 : 0 0AM 0 : 00 : 00 SP Press RESET 2 PLAY or STOP. Fig. 2 COUNTER at desired position to reset to “0:00:00”. End Point Program 2Program 1 the current tape position Press SEARCH button INDEXINDEXBLANK BLANK FF To Calculate Index Number Fig. 3 3 Continue to record, playback, etc. the current tape position Press SEARCH button Example 1: FF End Point If search exceeds a few seconds in BLANK area. Program 2Program 1 BLANKINDEX 4 Press STOP. To go to rec. 2 from rec. 4, enter 3 and press REW. REW 12 : 30AM CH 02 0 : 30 : 30 SP Press CM/ZERO in Stop 5 mode to start ZERO SEARCH. • Unit will go into FF or 61 5 72 3 4 Upon locating end point, REW mode and stop at . search continues 7 sec. past end point, the last point the Example 2: Counter was set to . tape rewinds to 10 sec. before end point, To go to rec. 6 from rec. 2, enter 4 and press 0:00:00. . tape plays to end point and stops. FF. Notes 1 753 4 62 • If Program End Search is started very close to an index mark, that mark may be NOTE: indicates start points of each recording. skipped over. • To cancel, press PLAY or STOP. Note • If Index Search is started very close to an index mark, that index mark may not be counted in the search. *Important: If a remote control button does not work when pressed, press the VCR button on the remote and try the button again. - 6 STOP 12 : 3 1AM CH 02 0 : 00 : 00 SP Shuttle Variable Speed Search The SHUTTLE Ring allows you to smoothly control the tape speed during special effects playback in both forward or reverse. Begin the forward or reverse search. Turn SHUTTLE Ring while in Play or Still mode. • The more you turn the Ring, the faster the search speed will be. Release the Shuttle mode. Press a function button such as : PLAY, STOP, etc. • The VCR performs the function of the button pressed. Notes • When the SHUTTLE Ring is turned more than half in Stop mode, normal Fast Forward or Rewind will begin. • Some noise bars are normal during Shuttle operation. • After 3 minutes in Still or Slow, the VCR will go into Stop mode. • When the SHUTTLE Ring is released, the VCR goes into Still mode. - 7 No power… Recording & Playback TV program cannot be recorded... • Completely insert Power Plug into an AC outlet. • Set POWER button to on. • Make sure power source is active. Correction • Check connections between VCR, external antenna, and TV. • Check connections selection. (BO p. 4, AO p. 3) • Make sure your antenna system (CABLE or TV) is correctly set. (Channels [AO p. 12]) • Make sure cassette record tab is intact. (BO p. 3) Timer recording cannot be • Confirm that clock is set to current time and date. performed… • Make sure Cable/DSS box (if used) is left on and tuned to channel to be recorded. • Set recording start/stop times correctly. (BO p. 6) • Make sure VCR POWER button is pressed off. (BO p. 6) • Timer recording may not be performed or continued if a power interruption occurs before or during a Timer Recording, even after power is restored. There is no playback picture, or the playback picture is noisy or contains streaks... • Select channel 3 or 4 on TV to match VCR output channel (3 or 4) (BO p. 4) or select LINE. • Set VCR/TV selector to “VCR.” • Adjust TRACKING control in either direction. (BO p. 3) • Try Head Cleaning. (BO p. 3) Special effects playback, picture may contain some vertical jitter when using a TV with an Automatic Vertical Hold Control... • Set TV’s Vertical Hold Control to MANUAL, then adjust. VCR cannot be controlled... • Make sure VCR power is on. • Check Remote batteries. • Make sure VCR LOCK is set to off. (AO p. 10) • Make sure Timer Record is not in progress. Remote Control Correction VCR cannot be remote controlled... • Make sure VCR power is on. • Make sure Remote is in VCR mode. • Aim Remote Control directly at remote sensor on VCR. (BO p. 7) • Avoid any object blocking signal path. • Check Remote batteries. (BO p. 3) • Make sure VCR LOCK is set to off. (AO p. 10) • Exposing VCR remote sensor to direct fluorescent or outdoor light may cause signal interference. Miscellaneous Programs cannot be viewed on TV... ACTION and PROG buttons do not respond... • Check connections between VCR, external antenna, and TV. • Press VCR button for VCR mode. (AO p. 2) • Check Remote batteries. (BO p. 3) Correction • Make sure TV power is on. • Make sure TV is set to output of VCR. • Check connections between VCR, external antenna, and TV. • Set VCR/TV selector to “TV.” (BO p. 5, AO p.10) • Make sure proper signal source is selected. Video cassette cannot be inserted... • Insert the cassette with window side up; record tab facing you. • Check if a tape is already...


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