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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVV4601

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you selected wrong channel map or zip code.) a Do “Auto VCR Plus+ System Channel Setup (Part 1)” steps 1-4 on page 18. VCR r CLOCK I CHANNEL massBpa SELECT VCR Ptum+ SELECT :A ▼ SET :► Sia_: ACTION_ Channel map will be updated (overnight.) If it was successful, “VCR Pius+ CH SET COMPLETED" appears on screen. And then, press ACTION to exit. Repeat these steps as necessary. If Auto Setup fails, do “Manual VCR Plus-»- System Channel Setup” on page 20. b Press AT to select U PDATE VC R Plus+or SELECT VCR Plus+ CH, then press». c If you selected UPDATE VCR Plus+ CH. perform steps 5-7 in the "Auto VCR Plus+ System Channel Setup (Part 1)"section on page 18. (fyou selected SELECT VCR Plus* CH. perform steps 2-3 in the “Auto VCR Plus+ System Channel Setup (Part 2)" section on this page. 19 Timer Recording Timer Recording UsingVCR Plus+® System (Continued) VCR Plus* System is ... a feature that allows you to set most items of a timer recording by simply entering a special code number (PlusCode programming number) found in TV GUIDE and selected newspaper TV listings. Initial Setup..... In order to use Timer Programming Using VCR Plus+ System, the Initial Setup on page 8 to 11 must be completed (or setting Clock and Channel. Channel Setup..... Since PlusCode numbers assigned to channels (found in TV Guide and selected newspapers) may differ from channels in your viewing area, you'll need to enter your local TV channel number tor each corresponding Guide Channel. If you perform the VCR+ Channel set up procedures shown below, you will be able to perform timer recordings using the PlusCode programming number listed in your local TV listing. Manual VCR Plus* System Channel Setup For [VCR-TV] or [VCR-cable box-TV] connection only. To complete step 5 of setup, do the following: • Prepare a TV/Cable station line-up and channels they are received on. Also, the Guide channel numbers assigned to your stations (found in TV Guide and selected newspapers.) • Make a 3-column chart (see sample). Lett column --> all stations you receive. Middle column --> each station’s assigned Guide channel number from TV Guide, etc. Right column --> channel number on which your TV receives the station. SAMPLE ONLY 1 REPEAT PLAY OFF REMOTE WARNtNQ -ON AL/TO SWT-OFF -QN IDOMAÆANGUÉ : ENGUSH VCff S OUTPUT CM ;3 Press ACTION* to display menu. rvctf [►CHANNEL AUTO SET WEAK StGWAL OlSPLAY :OFF CABLE/DSS BOX SET UP VCR Phis* CH SET UP Press to select CHANNEL f VCR" “AWTmiA AUTO S£T WEAK SIGNAL DISPLAY :OFf gfiüägfeiEii Press AT to select VCR Plus+ CHANNEL SETUP, and press ► to set. rvca fCLOCK R*wrn Broadcast or Cable station name Assigned Guido channel No. Channel No. on which my TV receives the station. HBO 33 15 Nickelodeon 38\ 20\^ k CBS 04 \ 04 ^ Xfox 11 Press AT to select MANUAL, and press ► to set. I VCR rsnxx rCHANNET 20 To enter VCR Plus* channels, press ► to move cursor to right, press AT to enter number, press < to set, and press AT to scroll up/down. • Repeat step 5 until list is complete. To Make Corrections, press at and ► to move to error, then at to change, or ADD/DLT to erase number. Press ACTION twice to end setup. For assistance, please call : 1 -800-211 -PANA(7262) or send e-mail to : consumerproducts@panasonic.com l~ VCfrvJ"CLOCK fCHWNgr CLEAR :AOCVtXT SELECT : a T SET:* EXIT ¡ACTION_ "Important: If a remote control button does not work when pressed, press the VCR button on the remote and try the button again. VCR Plus+ System Programming Ready Check List □ Clock is set. G VCR Plus+ Setup is complete (see pages 18-20). 1 I VCR Phj*+ | ►PROG. I DATE START STOP 13 SAT —:---- TOOAY SELECT : A T •* ► EXIT : PWOG TisT CH Press PROG/VCR+ button to display PROGRAM. SvCRPtoTl PROO.l LIST ENTER PLUSCODE NUMBER USING 0-9 KEYS SELECT : A T 4 sm_lerqg. Press * ► to select display VCR Plus+ screen. Press number keys to enter PlusCode number and press PROG/VCR+ button to set. To Make Corrections, press A repeatedly to delete number, then repeat step 3. > If the PlusCode number entered begins with “0,” skip to step 5. Display in step 4 will not appear. DAILY(MON-FRI) WEEKLY SELECT : A T END----:PflOG Press to select ONCE, DAILY(MON-FRI), or WEEKLY record frequency and press PROG/VCR+ button to set. 13 SAT 2:20P 3:20P 02 TODAY \I/ — SLP)- SELECT RECORD SPEED /1 \ SELECT : A T SET: ■« ► END_: PROG _ Press POWER off to set timer. (TIMER" lights on Multi Function Display.). POWER SELECT/ SET A :PLAY ▼ :STOP A :REW ► :FF PROG/ VCR+. NUMBER keys ACTION ADD/DLT Do normal Timer Record ft... • PlusCode number is not listed for program. • program (e.g. sports event) may run over set stop time. See page 17 to: • cancel a timer recording in progress. • review, replace, or clear program contents. Important for DSS/Cable Box Users • When recording via DSS, the receiver must be left on. When recording via cable or antenna, DSS receiver mus...


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