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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVV4540

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Dateiname: PVV4540.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

Display will change as below. ei ♦ » ¡«•-►I 0 (CABLE) {TV) -LINE2-*—► LINE1 25 or 69 “L1” or “L2” lights on Multi-Function Display (about 4 sec.) when LINE1 or LINE2 is selected. LINE1: For rear audio/video connection. LINE2: For front audio/video connection. ^Caution: Unauthorized exchanging and/or copying of copyrighted recordings may be copyright infringement.) Timer Recording You can set up to 8 programs to be recorded while you are away. Display SET PROGRAM. Press PROG/VCR+.* S' □ You can also display Program screen from Menu. 1) Press ACTION to display Menu. • You can also set up using VCR buttons. See the bottom right of this page. 2) Press AT and ► to select and set SET UP FEATURE. 3) Press ► to display Program screen. 4) Go to step 3. □ □ □ □ □ Check list before you begin. All connections are made. (See pages 4-5.) TV and VCR are plugged in and turned on. VCR/TV selector is set to “VCR.” Clock is set to correct time. Record tab in place. (See page 36.) Remote in VCR mode. 2 SET PROGRAM VCR Plus+ PROGRAMMING TIMER PROGRAMMING CELENT seT END a * KEY ► KEY~ PROG KEY Display Program screen. You may not use the VCR buttons on “SET PROGRAM” screen. 1) Press AT to select TIMER PROGRAMMING. 2) Press ► to display. • If a program is already In memory, press AW and ► to select an unused program number. LIGHT -Q- 3 I/ START STOP CH CATEGORY:N/A SELECT START DATE SLP SELECT SET END A ▼ KEY ► KEY PROG/ACT I ON KEY Set the recording DATE. 1) Press AT to select. 2) Press ► or M to set. ►8—9- •31— 1—2' Example s+ Today— 7 SELECTA /▼ Selection Order DAILY L WEEKLY WEEKLY (SAT) ...... (MON) WEEKLY _J (SUN) © (tv) @ POWER SELECT/ SET ▲ :PLAY ▼ :STOP 4 ^:REW ► :FF 1-31 = One time DAILY = MON-FRl WEEKLY = Same time once a week Repeat step 3 to set: start time, stop time Channel (or LINE for outside source), Category**, tape speed (SP, LP, SLP). 4 DATE START STOP 8 SAT 10:00P 12:00P 0 TODAY CATEGORY:MOVIE SET COMPLETED WISH TO MAKE NOTES:* KEY SET :•« ► KEY END :PROG/ACTION KEY START STOP CH 8 SAT 10:00P 12:00P 02 TODAY CATEGORY:MOVIE NOTES:D........ MAKE NOTES ABC SP SELECT SET END A ▼ KEY ► KEY PROG/ACTION KEY Make the notes. • If not wanted, go to step 5. 1) Press A to begin. 2) Press AT to select. 3) Press ► to set. • Characters will change in the following order. .B~C- — Z~BLANK~-—&<—| 4) Press PROGA/CR+ (or action) to end. Continued on the next page. - Important notes when using a DSS receiver — When recording programs via a DSS receiver, the DSS receiver must be left on. When recording programs via an antenna or cable, the DSS receiver must be turned off. ’* Category Items N/A(not applicable), SPORTS, MOVIE, COMEDY, MUSIC, DRAMA Timer Recording Using VCR Buttons. -Using AWA ► keys- You can also operate the menu screen using VCR buttons. When menu screens are displayed, the PLAY, STOP, REWIND, and FF buttons on the VCR and remote function as AW A ► only with no tape inserted. ▲ :PLAY T: STOP <: REW ►: FF On Remote On VCR To display menu using VCR buttons, press CH A and CH T together. To exit the menu, repeat above. 12 For assistance, call 1-800-211-PANA(7262). ‘Important: If the remote control POWER, ACTION, PROG/VCR+, CHA/v, NUMBERED keys, INPUT, SEARCH or ADD/DLT button does not work when pressed, press the VCR button on the remote and try the button again. 5 [pot START STOP CH spd] 1 8 10 : OOP 12 : OOP 02 SP 3---- 4 — — CANCEL:ADD/DLT KEY SELECT 1 *8:a T KEY ENTER :► KEY END : PROG/ACT I ON KEY End the program. 1) Press PROG/VCR+ (or ACTION). To Enter More Programs Press AW to select, and ► to display a blank program number. Then repeat steps 3 and 4. 2) Press PROG/VCR+ (or action) again to exit. Multi Function Display Set the timer. Press Power off. • When recording programs via a cable box, make sure the cable box is left ON and tuned to the desired channel. To cancel Timer Recording-(Recording is in progress) Press POWER and then STOP within 10 seconds to cancel the Timer recording. (The TIMER indicator goes out on Multi Function Display.) L f i "in j -- UP/C3 * -~ - Multi Function Display Review, Replace or Clear Program Contents: (Recording is not in progress) Repeat steps 1-2 on page 12. b P DT START STOP CH SPD 2 8 10 : OOP 12 : OOP 02 SP 3 10 8 : OOP 9 : OOP 10 SP 4 SU 9:OOP 10:OOP L1 LP CANCEL:ADD/DLT KEY SELECT 1-8:A ▼ KEY Select program. 1) Press AT to select number. To Replace program. SJVTEU/ START STOP CH ; 8 SAT 10:00P 12:OOP 125 7<№*Y\ ABC CATEGORY:MOV IE SP NOTES:STAND BY ME SELECT START DATE SELECT:* ▼ KEY SET :■* ► KEY or 1) Press ► to display. 2) Press AT M ► to set new program contents. To Clear program... P DT START D---- 2 8 10 3 10 8 4 SU 9 STOP CH SPD OOP 12:OOP OOP 9:OOP OOP 10:OOP 02 SP 10 SP LI LP SELECT 1-8:A ▼ KEY ENTER :► KEY 1) Press ADD/DLT. End the program. 1) Press PROGA/CR+(or ACTION). • If...


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