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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVV4523S

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 3.72 mb
Dateiname: PVV4523S.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

select channels on VCR. • Watching one channel and recording another is not possible when using Cable Box or DSS Receiver. • After 5 minutes in Pause mode, VCR stops to protect the tape and the video heads. • VCR power comes on. “ VCR” lights on Multi Function Display. If Auto VCR/TV (see p. 10 of Advanced Operations book) is set to “ OFF,” press VCR/TV until “ VCR” lights on the Multi Function Display. WARNING Over tightening “Nut type” RF coaxial cables may damage jacks. Finger tighten only. • Function buttons are inoperative during Initial Setup. • To remove a cassette during Auto Set, press EJECT on the remote or STOP twice on the VCR. In this case, settings must be made manually. (See p. 12 of Advanced Operations book.) • Depending on conditions, Auto Clock Set may take longer than 30 minutes. If so, press STOP to stop setup and perform settings manually. (See p. 12 of Advanced Operations book.) Notes Notes • Timer Recording • Location of Controls (Remote Control Buttons, Front View of the VCR) COMMERCIAL SKIP/ ZERO SEARCH (Starts COMMERCIAL SKIP/ Zero Search) INPUT (For LINE or channel) POWER (Turns VCR off/on) PLAY (Plays a tape)/ FAST FORWARD/SEARCH (Fast forwards tape/ forward visual search) REWIND/SEARCH (Rewinds tape/ reverse visual search) STOP (Stops tape) CHANNEL / TRACKING/ V-LOCK (Selects channel/ reduces picture noise during Play and Slow mode) Remote Control Buttons VCR/TV (For TV or VCR mode) SPEED (Changes tape speed) SEARCH/ ENTER (Set search system /Tunes TV channel) NUMBER Keys (Selects channel directly) TV (mode) (Enables TV functions) TAPE POSITION (Locates tape position) EJECT (Ejects tape) ACTION (Displays menu) PAUSE/SLOW (Displays still, frame by frame, or slow motion picture) COUNTER RESET (Resets counter to zero) RECORD (Records a program, etc.) ADD/DELETE (Adds or deletes a channel) VCR (mode) (Enables VCR functions) VOLUME +/- (Adjusts TV volume) SAP/Hi-Fi (Selects audio mode for play or record) DISPLAY (Displays VCR status) COUNTER TAPE RESET POSITION PAUSE/SLOW ACTION SEARCH TRACKING EJECT VCR/TV INPUT DISPLAY CM/ZERO VOL CH REC POWER 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 100 0 ADD/DLT REW PLAY STOP FF VCR TV SELECT SPEED SAP/Hi-Fi PROG Location of Controls PROGRAM (Displays Timer Program screen) Front View of the VCR RECORD Cassette Compartment STOP/EJECT POWER REWIND/ SEARCH PLAY CHANNEL / TRACKING/ V-LOCK Remote Sensor FAST FORWARD/ SEARCH Video Input Connector Audio Input Connector (L/R) Remote Control EJECT button: Press to eject tape. EJECT is not available during recording. *Important: If a remote control button does not work when pressed, press the VCR button on the remote and try the button again. - 7 - PLAY, STOP, REW, and FF function as operation keys when menus are displayed. Remote keys Timer Recording 1 1) Press PROG*. 2) Press to display program screen. Press PROG to end programming. 2 2) Set remaining items, press to select and press to set START/ STOP times, CH (channel) or LINE input (p. 9 of Advanced Operations book), and tape speed (p. 3). 1) Set record DATE, press to select: 1~31= one time, or DAILY= MON~ FRI, or WEEKLY= same time each week and press . 3 To Enter More Programs Press to select and press to set an unused program. Then repeat step 2. Or, press PROG to exit. Timer Recording Example Today Press to select desired program. 4 Press POWER off to set the timer recording. (“TIMER” lights on Multi Function Display.) (Recording is not in progress) a 1) Press PROG. 2) Press to select LIST. b c To Replace program... dPress PROG to end the programming. • If you are using a Cable Box, VCR Timer Programming Channel (Step 2 above) must be set to the Cable Box output channel and your Cable Box must be manually set to the desired channel. The Cable Box must be left on. • If a power interruption occurs while programming the timer, the timer program(s) may be canceled. If “TIMER PROGRAMS WERE LOST DUE TO POWER INTERRUPTION” appears on-screen, please re-enter the timer programs. Important notes when using DSS receiver • When recording programs via DSS receiver, DSS receiver must be left on. • When recording programs via an antenna or cable, DSS receiver must be turned off. Review, Replace, or Clear Program 1) Press to display. 2) Repeat Step 2 (above) to set new programs. Press ADD/DLT. or To Clear program... Press POWER and then STOP within 10 seconds to cancel the Timer Recording. (The TIMER indicator goes out on Multi Function Display.) Cancel a Timer Recording (Recording is in progress) - 6 - Notes 7 DAILY 8 9 31 1 2 6 SELECT / Selection Order WEEKLY (SAT) WEEKLY (MON) WEEKLY (SUN) TIMER PROG. L I ST CANCEL : ADD / DLT SELECT : SET : EXIT : PROG DT START STOP CH SPD 7 9 : 00A 12 : 00A 08 SP 8 10 : 00P 12 : 00P 02 SP 10 8 : 00P 9 : 00P 10 SP SU 9 : 00P 10 : 00P L1 LP TIMER PROG. LIST SELECT START DATE DATE START STOP CH SP TODAY 7 SUN 9:00A 12:00A 08 SELECT : END : PROG SET: TIMER PROG. L I ST DT START STOP CH SPD 13 2 : 00 P 3 : 20P 02 SLP -- -- : -- -- : -- -- -- -- -- : --...


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