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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVV4020

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Luego repita los pasos 3 y 4. 2) Presione PROG/VCR+ (o ACTION) para salir. Grabación con temporizador. Presione POWER para apagar. N l - TIMER l Pantalla multifuncinal Si la fuente de la grabación es una caja de TV por cable, asegúrese de que la caja de TV por cable esté encendida y esté sintonizada al canal que desea grabar. 37 Guía para rápida consulta Location of Controls Remote control Buttons EJECT Model PV-V4520 remote is shown here. See page 8. POWER See page 6. VCR mode See page 18. VCR/TV See page 9. PLAY See page 8. SELECT UP See page 7. REWIND/ SEARCH See page 8. SET See page 7. ACTION See page 28. NUMBERED See page 9. COUNTER RESET See page 23. PAUSE/ SLOW See page 8. CM SKIP See Page 23. SAP/ Hi-Fi (Model PV-V4520 Only) See page 25. VOLUME UP/ DOWN See page 18. LIGHT See page 38. TV mode See page 18. DSS/ CABLE mode See page 18. INPUT See page 11. FAST FORWARD/ SEARCH See page 8. SET See page 7. STOP See page 8. SELECT DOWN See page 7. PROGRAM/VCR+ Sfifi nanfis 12, 13, 17. ADD/ DELETE See page 29. TAPE POSITION See page 26. DISPLAY See page 32. SEARCH/ ENTER See pages 20-23. SPEED See page 9. RECORD See page 9. CHANNEL UP/ DOWN See page 9. TRACKING/ V-LOCK Light Tower Universal Remote Control See pa9e 31' Light button: When the LIGHT button is pressed, the buttons which can be activated in the selected mode will light and the selected mode button (TV, VCR or CABLE OSS) will flash for 5 seconds. If no buttons are pressed within 5 seconds, the light will turn off in order to conserve battery power. Also while holding down the buttons, the selected mode button will flash so you will be able to see, in the dark, which mode has been selected. EJECT button: When EJECT is pressed, the tape is ejected from the Cassette Compartment. If EJECT is pressed during recording, the VCR will not respond to the command. Front View of the VCR VCR/TV selector See page 9. Cassette Compartment See page 8. PLAY See page 8. POWER See page 6. CHANNEL UP/ DOWN TRACKING/ V-LOCK See page 31 ACTION/ PROG See page 7. STOP/ EJECT See page 8. RECORD See page 9. FAST FORWARD/ SEARCH See page 8. REWIND/ SEARCH See page 8. 38 For assistance, call 1 -800-211 -PANA(7262). Multi Function Display VCR Indicator Lights when the VCR/TV selector is set to VCR. Power Indicator - Lights when power is on. Hi-Fi Indicator (For Model PV-V4520 only) Lights when Hi-Fi audio is monitored or play back. Clock/ Status/ Channel/ Speed Display Displays the current time. Briefly displays VCR status when a function button is pressed. Briefly displays the channel number, or “L” when a channel or line input is selected. Briefly displays the recording speed when SPEED is pressed. Timer Indicator Lights when the VCR is set for a Timer Recording, or when a length is set for a normal recording (OTR). Flashes when a Timer Recording is set, but a tape has not been inserted into the VCR. Rear View of the VCR AC Power Plug While plugged into an AC outlet, the VCR consumes 3.3 W of electrical power in OFF condition. Rear View of Model PV-V4020 VCR only Audio Input Connector See page 11. Video Input Connector See page 11. Video Output_ Connector See pages 4, 11. Audio Input Connector (UR) See page 11. Audio Output Connector See pages 4, 11. VIDEO_ I ourrorv 0 J®' (Ü- INV-^OUTj — n----1 I I I I I I I I I-----I I AUDIO/!|NfROMANT 0 MONO » © VIDEO I® ,l IN 1 OUT TO TV ©'# hilT I N^ VHF/UHF Antenna Input Terminal See pages 4, 10. VHF/UHF Antenna Output Terminal See pages 4, 10. Audio Output Connector (UR) See pages 4, 11. Rear View of Model PV-V4520 VCR only 39 Location of Controls Quick Use Guide Make all connections (page 4). Connect VCR and TV with AV Cable (not supplied) or RF Coaxial Cable (supplied) as shown below. To use your TV as a VCR monitor, set the VIDEO/TV selector on the TV (Monitor/Receiver) to “VIDEO." For model PV-V4520, use the L Audio OUT jack for proper sound reproduction when connecting to a monaural TV. ANTENNA (See pages 4, 5) _ AUDIO ! О QR MONO IN FROM ANT. a) AV CABLE (not supplied) IN OUT О VIDEO 0T VHF/UHF Ю AUDIO OUT OUTTO TV ■© О VIDEO —©VHF/UHF' VCR Rear View of Model PV-V4520 is shown here .b) RF COAXIAL CABLE TV 1) While connection b) (above) is sufficient, connection a) offers better sound and picture (especially with model PV-V4520, you can enjoy Hi-Fi STEREO sound). • To use VCR : VCR Power on, set TV to VIDEO. • To watch TV : VCR Power off, select channel on. 3) When using connection b) (see page 4), tune to VCR’s output channel. 4) Set VCR Output to channel 3 or 4 (not an active station). (See page 6.) Playback a Tape Record on a Tape Insert a tape. Insert a tape Press PLAY (Start playback) * Or, if tape has no record tab, auto playback begins. Do “One Time VCR Setup” on page 6. In order for the VCR to properly interface with your equipment, some setup...


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