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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVS7680

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Dateiname: PVS7680.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

Each push will I change the stop time as shown. • “TIMER" lights in the Multi Function Display. 4:00«—3:00*—2:00’♦-1:30 J) Push STOP to stop recording. * Or, push STOP on the VCR. Watching Another TV Program 1 Push VCR/TV while recording is in progress to turn off the VCR indicator in the Multi Function Display. 2 Use the TV channel controls to select a program. The VCR will continue to record your program while you watch any channel you choose. • Switch back and forth between the recording and viewing channel with the VCR/TV selector. Selecting Channels at the VCR Multi Function Display If indicator doesn't light, push VCR/TV to turn it on. 2 Use VCR CH A/y buttons to select channels for viewing or recording. * To resume TV control channel selection, push VCR/ TV to turn VCR indicator off, or simply turn VCR off. J- Turn TV on. ч I ✓ -VCR -^ I ч Holding down the VCR CH A/Y buttons will increase the channel search speed. Push PAUSE to pause a recording in progress. (After the VCR has been in Pause mode for 5 minutes, it will stop automatically to protect the tape and video head.) The recording time remaining appears if the DISPLAY button is pushed during OTR mode (See page 18). 20 yn—nv Tape Operation Your VCR is equipped with several time saving features as well as convenient automatic functions which make tape operation easier than ever. «?Sa» Ü o o-e- © © © 03 © © © è’ © © © ö ©/-v *»rxt © o © Auto Operation Functions Auto Playback When a tape is inserted, the power comes on (Auto). If the record tab* is removed, playback begins (Auto). Auto Rewind After a tape reaches its end during playback, fast forward or manual record, the VCR will rewind and go into Stop mode. Playback Auto Eject After a tape without a record tab* is played to its end, the VCR will rewind and then eject the tape. Memory Rewind Off When the POWER button is pushed during rewind, the VCR will turn off after rewind is complete. Eject Cassette A cassette may be ejected with power on or off. * For record tab information, see page 5. Repeat Play You can set your VCR up to play a recording over and over. Push MENU to display the menu. Rotate and push the WHEEL to select SET UP VCR. .........MENU - - - EEaUlimi SET CLOCK SET UP CHANNEL SELECT SET END ROTATE WHEEL PUSH WHEEL PUSH MENU KEY Rotate the WHEEL to select “REPEAT PLAY”, then push to select “ON" or “OFF”. ...... SET UP VCR ------ REPEAT PLAY BEEPER INPUT SELECT : SET AUDIO MOOE ON ON TUNER SELECT SET END ROTATE WHEEL PUSH WHEEL PUSH MENU KEY The VCR plays to the end of a tape, or until a blank portion of 30 seconds or more is reached. (Erased portions of tape are not considered blank.) The tape is then automatically rewound and played again and again until Repeat Play is cancelled. All function buttons (REW, FF, etc.) are operational during Repeat Play. Push MENU twice to r—enu leave this screen. One Minute Skip With this feature, you can skip over commercials recorded on a tape. ZERO/1 MIN Push ZERO/1 MIN in Play mode. * The VCR will go into FF search mode and skip over 60 seconds of recorded time. Then, normal playback will resume. Zero Search You can reset the Time Counter to zero and then return to that point. Push DISPLAY to display the Time Counter overlay. DISPLAY STOP 12:00AM CH08 0:00:30 STEREO *■ SLP SAP MONO COUNTER RESET o Push COUNTER RESET to reset the Time Counter. • This may be done at as many places as you wish on the tape. STOP 12 ooAM CHoe 0:00:00 STEREO


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