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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVM939

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Dateiname: PVM939.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

(See page 9.) GB> (EG) G — ACTION — • H Press STOP/EJECT and REW together without a tape to display MAIN MENU. % Press AT-4^ to select “VCR” and STOP/EJECT and REW together to display SET UP VCR screen. 3 Press AT to select “TIMER PROGRAM” and ► to display the TIMER PROGRAM screen. Repeat steps 2-5. 14 For assistance, call 1-800-211-PANA(7262) 4 P DT START STOP CH SPD 1 day 9:00p 12:00a 08 SP 3---- 4---- CANCEL:ADD/DLT KEY SELECT 1-8:A ▼ KEY ENTER :*> KEY END : PROG/ACTION KEY End the program. Press PROG (or ACTION.) To Enter More Programs Press AT and ► to select and set a blank program number, and then repeat steps 2 and 3. Cancel a Timer Recording: (Recording Is in progress) Hold down STOP for a few seconds to cancel the Timer Recording. • Any future daily or weekly recordings will be performed as programmed. Exit this mode. Press PROG (or ACTION.) • If you're using a cable box, make sure that it is tuned to the desired channel and the power is left on for timer recording. • PROG TIMER indicator lights on the Combination VCR. Review, Replace or Clear Program Contents: (Recording is not in progress) Display SET PROGRAM. Press PROG. Select the desired program. Press AT to select. b P DT START STOP CH SPD 2 8 10:00a12:00p125 SP 3 10 8 :OOp 9 :OOp 10 SP 4 SU 9 :OOp10 :OOp L LP CANCEL:ADD/DLT KEY SELECT 1-8:A T KEY ENTER :► KEY END :PR0G/ACTI0N KEY To Replace program... Dfrj&l/ START STOP CH 8 SAT 9:00P 12:00A 08 CATEGORY:MOVIE NOTES:STAND BY ME SELECT START DATE ABC SP SELECT SET END A ▼ KEY 4 ► KEY PROG/ACT I ON KEY To Clear program.. P DT START D STOP CH SPD 2 8 10 3 10 8 4 SU 9 OOp12 :OOa125 SP OOp 9 :OOp 10 SP OOp10:OOp L LP SELECT 1-8:a ▼ KEY ENTER :► KEY END :PROG/ACTION KEY 1) Press ► to display. 2) Press AT^^ to set new program contents. 3) Press PROG (or ACTION.) Press ADD/DLT. Exit this mode. Press PROG (or ACTION.) b SELECT/ SET p A :CH UP ^ ▼ :CH DOWN ► :VOL UP ^:VOL DOWN Ittx »re-TH PS*, 0 0 0.0 © © © © © © © © © © © FBEW'fr) FLAY ffyttt ® Œd © SLOW PAUSE STOP SPEED (3 CD £M3- C ADD/DLT STOP 15 Advanced Operation TV Timer Features ON-TIMER with Alarm Combination VCR can be set to automatically power on in one of 3 modes (TV, Playback, or FM radio.) You can also combine the On-Timer with a one minute alarm that gradually increases in volume. 1 Display ON TIMER screen. Press ON-TIMER. 2 ----\ t/ONMMER-- - - - ■ ALArt»iN>/l'v SELECT HOUR SELECT :A ▼ KEY cjry • k. KFY END :ON-TIMER KEY ON-TIMER mode selection order ^♦CH02—CH03.....CH125 CH01 Wm9—FM8- ■FM1- Set the ON-TIMER DATE. 1) Press AT to select. 2) Press ► to set. • Make sure a tape is inserted if Playback mode is selected. • See “FM Radio Setup” on page 20 and 21 for instructions on how to preset FM stations. 1 PLAY 3 ON TIMER ....... 6:00AM CH08 ALARM:ON SELECT ALARM ABC CANCEL SELECT SET END ADO/DLT KEY A ▼ KEY ■4 ► KEY ON-TIMER KEY Set Alarm. Press AT to select “ON” or “OFF.” When “ON” is selected, an alarm will gradually increase in volume for one minute or until cancelled by pressing any button (including VOL .) To Make Corrections, use AT and 4^ to move back and correct as necessary. Set ON TIMER. {timer} Press ON-TIMER. ---J • ON TIMER indicator lights on the Combination VCR. To cancel ON-TIMER set, press ON-TIMER to redisplay the screen in step 3. Then, press ADD/DLT to clear the time (“6” is flashing.) Now, press ON-TIMER to end. “ON TIMER END" appears on-screen for a few seconds. If no button on the remote or Combination VCR (including a button used to turn off the alarm) is pressed within 60 minutes after Combination VCR turns itself on, it will turn itself back off. SLEEP TIMER Combination VCR can be set for auto power off. SLEEP TIMER 30 ♦ SLEEP TIMER 60 ♦ SLEEP TIMER 90 ♦ SLEEP TIMER 00 I_ 16 |\yf Check list before you begin. □ The clock is set to correct time. CH DOWN VOL UP VOL DOWN Set SLEEP TIMER. Press SLEEP repeatedly. • Pressing DISPLAY with sleep timer set displays remaining time. To Cancel, press SLEEP repeatedly until “SLEEP TIMER 00” appears. For assistance, call 1 -800-211-PANA{7262) ADD/DLT INSTANT ALARM The feature allows you to set a timer alarm for up to 60 minutes. Useful for when you are cooking and need to leave the kitchen. 1 TIMER/ FM o Display INSTANT ALARM screen. Press TIMER/FM on the Combination VCR to display. 2 5:20PM EÜ CANCEL : ADD/DLT KEY 02:00 SET:UNIT a ▼ KEY Set Alarm. r 1:00 (one minute) : I i 2:00 ; i ! 3:00 one-minute increase until 10:00 I 9:00 • I 10:00 : I : 15:00 ! I ; 20:00 ' I ■ 25:00 : I ^ 30:00 I I ! ! 40:00 ten-minute i „■ increase ; I until 60:00 l • 60:00 (Max)---- five-minute increase until 30:00 5:20PM El CANCEL: AOO/DLT KEY 02:00 SET:UN IT A t KEY Press CH AT on the Combination VCR to select time (see below.) • Countdown starts 3 seconds after alarm is set. To cancel, press ADD/DLT. To increase timer in progr...


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