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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVM2776

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Please note, however that channel selection must be made at the cable company converter box. Timer recording is limited to one channel at a time, and you can only view the channel you are recording. Back of Combination VCR from CATV (cable) To Watch and Record Scrambled/ Unscrambled Channels Set the Combination VCR channel selector to the output channel of the cable converter box (e.g. CH3). Now, select channels to be viewed or recorded at the cable converter box. 5 One Time Setup Check list before you begin. ID Your Combination VCR is connected to an Antenna, or Cable system (see page 5). □ You’ve read over the Select/Set Wheel operation, below. To Set Language, Channel and Clock When the Combination VCR power is first turned on, the channel auto set and set clock screens appear automatically. ■SWAM o Turn the Combination VCR on. 0; CH c or CH i 0! Push CH UP or DOWN for on-screen displays in English or Spanish. SELECT LANGUAGE PUSH CH UP : English PULSE CH DOWN:EspanoI If you choose the wrong language, please see the “Reset all Combination VCR Memory Functions” section on page 28. If you use a cable box, the cable box must be left on for auto channel set. © <ä Important: If you use a cable box, turn it on and select PBS station in your time zone. ©* Push CH UP to start | Channel Auto Set and Clock Auto Set. These on-screen displays will appear in sequence. • CH AUTO SET PROCEEDING • CH AUTO SET COMPLETED • AUTO CLOCK SET PROCEEDING ^Tor 3) CHANNEL/CLOCK AUTO SET CONNECT ANTENNA CABLE AND IF YOU USE A CABLE BOX. TUNE IT TO YOUR LOCAL PBS CH THEN... PLEASE PUSH CH UP KEY ase 12/25/1996 WED 12:00PM (pase 2) DST :0N SETTING : CH 10 AUTO CLOCK SET AUTO CLOCK SET IS INCOMPLETE COMPLETED PUSH MENU TO SET CLOCK END : PUSH CH UP KEY Using the Select/Set Wheel There are basically two types of Wheel operation. • Selecting items from an on-screen display. • Entering information, such as setting the clock. (Case2) OPERATION Confirm that displayed time is correct and push the CH UP button to exit. If the displayed time and D.S.T. are incorrect, please proceed as follows: in the rare event that you live close to two different time zones, the Combination VCR may recognize the wrong PBS station as the setting channel. In this case, please do the following: 1 Make a note of the SETTING:CH number shown on-screen and push the CH UP button to exit. 2 Delete the setting channel from the Combination VCR channel memory. (See the Add or Delete a Channel section on the next page.) 3 Push the MENU button to display the menu. 4 Use the WHEEL to select “CLOCK” and then to select “AUTO SET.” • If you use a cable box and have multiple PBS stations, tune the cable box to a different PBS station and try auto clock set again using the menu. If the screen above appears, auto clock set is not available in your area. Please set the clock manually as described on the next page. © Rotate (up or down) ROTATE TO SELECT Push (like a button) ROTATE TO SELECT to make selection to enter selection To view the deleted channel, please select with the NUMBERED keys. If for any reason, the time is changed manually, automatic time correction will not occur. Auto clock set will be performed when the Combination VCR is turned off the first time each day. If you use a cable box and you want auto clock set to be performed, the cable box must be left on and the PBS channel is tuned at the Combination VCR power is turned off. 6 Manual Clock Set Push MENU to CD display the set menu clock screen. Rotate and push the WHEEL to select and enter the month, date, year, time, and o - y| 7- - SET CLOCK.....- OBfflBHB /|\ DST:ON SELECT MONTH BY ROTATING WHEEL : PUSH WHEEL-* TO END PUSH MENU KEY “DST:ON” automatically adjusts for daylight saving time. (See page 28.) CLEAR/ • RESET MENU Q) O O O PtAY FF/© ZEFOnVBi ¡LOW FALSE o © © 0 cz> Q 0; vet ch a-0 0? CH UP/ DOWN D.S.T. (Daylight Saving Time). To Make Corrections, push the WHEEL or CLEAR/RESET button repeatedly to move back or forward to the desired item. CD MENU Push MENU twice to start the clock and exit this mode. To Change or Re-enter One Time Setup Items ADD/ DELETE To Change the OSD Language 1 Push the MENU button to display the menu. 2 Rotate the Wheel to select the language selection icon. • “IDIOMA” is Spanish for “language." 3 Push the Wheel to change the language. 4 Push the MENU button to exit this mode. • To return the normal screen, select “EXIT” To Set or Reset the Clock In case the clock is wrong, or a power failure occurred. MENU PRINCIPAL IHOW! ©lln ELEGIR FIJAR GIRE LA RUEDA PULSE LA RUEDA Push the MENU button to display the menu. Rotate and push the Wheel to: (A) Select CLOCK. (B) Select MANUAL SET. (C) Set the date, time, and D.S.T.(Daylight Saving Time). ----SET CLOCK - - ■ AUTO SET SELECT SET END ROTATE WHEEL PUSH WHEEL PUSH MENU KEY - 1H7-- SET CLOCK...... To Re...


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