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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVM2046

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

If necessary, the clock can also be set. 1 Hold down [o] REC/TIME. and ŒE1 Push FF to enter the program mode. Çjf/Ç I y START STOP CH SLP SELECT START DATE BY SELECT A/T KEY NEXT. PUSH SET KEY OR TO END PUSH PROG KEY If the clock is not set, pushing these buttons will display the SET CLOCK screen. In this case, set the clock according to the OSD’s instructions and then set a timer recording. Once the Combination VCR is in the Program mode, the PLAY, REC, FF, and REW buttons on the Combination VCR operate only as specified above. ..... SET CLOCK ------ H MANUAL SET SELECT : PUSH SELECT */▼ SET : PUSH SET KEY END : PUSH PROG KEY CE] or Œ2 (for down) (for up) Push REW or PLAY to make your selection. Push FF to set and move on to the next item. Push SET (FF) repeatedly to move to a particular item for setting or correction. Items to be Set: • recording DATE • START time • STOP time ■ CH(annel), or LINE • SPEED (SP, LP, SLP) When the program is completed... © and EE] Push REC/TIME and FF to display program contents. (at the same time) To set the next program, repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 before continuing with step 5. fol and GE] Push REC/TIME and FF to exit this mode. (at the same time) It is not possible to clear a timer program using the Combination VCR buttons. Please use the Remote Control. 17 More You Can Do SPECIAL VCR Features ^icheck list before you begin 13 All connections are made (see page 5). Zj Your Combination VCR is plugged in. VCR Lock Feature When activated, this feature prohibits all operations except for timer recording, and tape eject. This is useful to prevent misoperation and protect your Combination VCR from curious children. Hold down STOP/EJECT on the Combination VCR for 7 seconds during Stop, or Power OFF mode. To Cancel the VCR Lock feature, Hold down STOP/EJECT on the Combination VCR for 7 seconds again during Stop, or Power OFF mode. [irri VCR LOCK ACTIVATED VCR LOCK OFF VCR Lock mode is cancelled automatically after 24 hours when the clock is set. This feature cannot be activated or canceled when a timer or one touch recording is in progress. (D ON PMER SlE£P MUTE _ o o o R£W/®__PLAV__ FF/t* CED Z£fW>'heM SLOW **41 o © c 0oQ0; slow input vex. cn ft - 0 CD 0 ©! |ROTATE TO SELECT j CXSfVAY VCR PHI* * j£eVT1' CWW" 6 6 CD CD CD 100 ft ADOJtlj CD CD © Warning Beeper Feature When you select BEEPER ON as described below, a short warning will sound each time an invalid entry or operation is made and a timer program is set. CD MENU Push MENU to display the menu. Rotate and push the WHEEL to select “VCR”. Rotate the WHEEL to select “BEEPER", then push to select “ON” or “OFF”. □ H2I -ar CH MAIN MENU dlool CLOCK DTW H SELECT SET FtOTATE WHEEL PUSH WHEEL ..... SET UP VCR ..... REPEAT PLAY : OFF SELECT : ROTATE WHEEL SET : PUSH WHEEL END : PUSH MENU KEY CD MENU Push MENU twice to exit this screen. 18 m s MTS Broadcast/TV Stereo System ^2Check list before you begin 13 All connections are made (see page 5). ID Your Combination VCR is plugged in. This stereo system is designed for TV viewing only. Recording and playback will always be in monaural. DISPLAY- ON TIMER BLEEP ML/TÇ ooo PLAY CED CVIMIN CLOW PAUSE O © © 00Û0; Stow INPUT VOL CH A 0 °0 0; CD M£MJ hftOTMETOHUCT ' D3I>1>Y vcn PVJ. . PV[eVT0 à 6 CD CD CD too 0 oof o %-Tuta Q ©- SAP Receivable Broadcast Types The following are possible broadcast types with their accompanying on-screen displays. The signal is indicated with an “ ((<" mark while the selected audio mode is indicated with an arrow. To change the audio mode for listening to these broadcasts, follow “Select Audio mode for TV viewing” section. DISPLAY l O Push DISPLAY to display the broadcast signal currently being received on-screen. MTS Stereo and SAP broadcast Multi-channel Television Sound Stereo (main language) and Second Audio Program (second language) broadcasts are being received simultaneously. Select the STEREO or SAP audio mode as desired. MTS Stereo broadcast Multi-channel Television Sound Stereo broadcast is being received. SAP broadcast Second Audio Program (second language) broadcast is being received. Select SAP audio mode for the second language. MONO broadcast Normal monaural sound broadcast is being received. • If a stereo broadcast is weak and the display flickers, you may want to select the MONO audio mode for better results. STOP 12:00AM WNET 0 00:00 » STEREO «- SLP fcSAP MONO STOP 12: 00AM WNET 0 00:00 »STEREO <- SLP SAP MONO STOP 12: 00AM WNET 0 00:00 STEREO SLP »■SAP * MONO STOP 12 00AM WNET 0:00:00 STEREO SLP SAP MONO <- Select Audio Mode for TV Viewing SAP © Push SAP to select the desired audio mode as described above. Each push of the SAP button will change the audio mode as shown below. Example: Current mode STOP 12 : OOAM WNET 0:00:00 fr STEREO 4- SLP SAP MONO STOP 12: 00AW ...


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