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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVM1349

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Please save this manual. Spanish Quick Use Guide is included (Guía para rápida consulta en español esta incluida.) For assistance, call 1-800-211 -PANA(7262) Basic Operation Advanced Operation For Your Information Important Safeguards and Precautions^ READ AND RETAIN ALL SAFETY AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. HEED ALL WARNINGS IN MANUAL AND ON UNIT OUTDOOR ANTENNA INSTALLATION INSTALLATION SAFE ANTENNA AND CABLE CONNECTION An outside antenna or cable system must be properly grounded to provide some protection agairst built up static charges and voltage. Section 810 of the National Electrical Code, ANSt/NFPA 70 {in Canada, part 1 of the Canadian Electrical Code) provides information regarding proper grounding of the mast and supporting structure, grounding of the lead-in wire to an antenna discharge unit, size of grounding conductors, location of antenna discharge unit, connection to grounding electrodes, and requirements for the giounding electrode. KEEP ANTENNA CLEAR OF HIGH VOLTAGE POWER LINES OR CIRCUITS Locate an outside antenna system well away from power lines and electric light or power circuits so it will never touch these power sources should it ever fall; When' installing antenna, absolutely never touch power lines, circuits or other power sources as this could be fatal. NEC «• NATIONAL ELECTWCAL COOC AJffEffttt ÛfSCHAAQC UftTT (Mötteno* tifrm Eiiçnwotlvjmi * USING THE VIDEO UNIT 1 POWER SOURCE CAUTION Operate only from power source indicated on unit or in this manual. If uncertain, have an Electric Utility Service Company or Video Products Dealer r verify your home power source. 2 , PpWER CORD PLUG . -'.For safety, this unit comes with a polarized ♦ type plug (one wide blade), or a three-wife . ¡ grounding type plug. -POLARIZED PLUQCAUTIQN: The plug fits into outlet one way. if it cannot be .fully‘inserted, try reversing it. If it still will not fit, '.have an electrician install the proper watl outlet. Do hot tamper With the plug. GROUNDING.PLUG CAUTION: 'The plug requires a three-hole grounding outlet. If necessary, have an electrician Install the proper outlet. Do not tamper with the plug. 3 POWER CORD ' Make sure power cords are routed so they ' are not likely to have anything rest on . 'them,roll over them, or be in the way of , walking traffic. An extension cord should have 1 the same type plug (polarized or grounding) ■.■»-and must be securely connected. Overloading y wall outlets or extension cords may cause fire ^■ ¿hazard» Frayed cords, damaged plugs, and i-^ttama'tied p:r cracked wire insulation are , : hazardous and should be replaced by a ^qualified electrician. • 4 Vp NOT-BLOCK VENTILATION HOLES ^‘Ventilation openings in the cabinet release ■^itieat generated during operation. If blocked, ¿¿hear buildup may result in a fire hazard or ^j-itiaat tfamage to cassettes. FoV.your protection: ;\?-a:..Never cover ventilation slots while unit is " ON, or operate unit while placed on a bed, {'.-sofa, rug, or other soft surface-, ;i'jb^Avoid built-in installation, such as a book ‘„„if?, ’"case or rack, unless property ventilated. :sfAvoid extremely hot locations or .. ¡^SUDDEN TEMPERATURE CHANGES ■/r Do not place unit over or near a heater or . ’ regulator, In direct sunlight, etc. If unit is ■.-'' suddenly moved from a cold place to a warm ^•.'place, moisture may condense In unit and on "'the tape causing damage. .6 TO AVOID PERSONAL INJURY ■ » Never place unit on support or stand that Is ' not firm, level, and adequately strong, The ;unit could fall causing serious injury to a ■ child or adult and damage to the unit. . » Move any appliance and cart v t combination with care. t Quick stops, excessive force, and uneven surfaces may - cause objects to overturn. ,.' •, Carefully follow all operating instructions. Safety Precautions Warning; To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose this equipment to rain or moisture. "This video recorder, equipped with the HQ (High Quality) System, is compatible with existing VHS equipment. Only use those tapes with the EBB mark. It is recommended that only cassette tapes that have been tested and Inspected for use in 2, 4, 6, and & hour VCR machines be used. -This television receiver provides display of television closed captioning in accordance with §15.119 of the FCC rules. FOG WARNING: Any unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment would void the user’s authority to operate. Before unit is brought out of storage or moved to a new location, refer again to the INSTALLATION section of these safeguards. 1 KEEP UNIT WELL AWAY FROM WATER OR MOISTURE, such as a kitchen sink, bath tub, pool, and so on. 2 IF EXPOSED TO RAIN, MOISTURE, OR STRONG IMPACT, unplug unit and have it inspected by a qualified service technician before use, 3 ELECTRICAL STORMS ' During a lightning storm, or before leaving unit unused for extended periods of time; disconnect all equipment from the power source as well as the ...


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