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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVM1339

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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

: Eng IÍ sh OPRIMIR CH ▼ :EspañoI APP. VOL + : Français Select the language. for English —for Spanish (Español) —for French (Français) If wrong language is set, do “Reset all Combination VCR Memory Functions’’ steps page 34. If you use a cable box, the cable box must be left on. 3 CHANNEL/CLOCK AUTO SET CONNECT ANTENNA CABLE AND IF YOU USE A CABLE BOX,TUNE IT TO YOUR LOCAL PBS CH THEN. . . PLEASE PUSH CH UP KEY Start Channel Auto Set and Clock Auto Set. Press CH ▲. ♦ CH AUTO SET PROCEEDING AUTO CLOCK SET PROCEEDING Case 1 t (Setup completed) 7/28/1999 WED 12:00PM DST:ON SETTING : CH 10 AUTO CLOCK SET COMPLETED END : PUSH CH UP KEY cr O © ©i 0 @ 0Í © © © 0 0 tNDËX OtSPLAY SlfÇP ON-TWCft □ □□□ B»1* "VAY ¡2» 000 MUSE STOP ACC go m mi APWT ^ ^ J Case 2 \ POWER 2 CHANNEL UP/DOWN 2 VOLUME I ID (Setup incomplete) Press CH A to exit. • If your area observes daylight saving time, but you would like to turn the DST feature off, do the Reset Clock steps on page 33 and set DST:OFF. If your area observes daylight saving time and DST is set to ON, but the time is incorrect; do the Time Zone Adjust steps on the next page. AUTO CLOCK SET IS INCOMPLETE PUSH ACT I ON TO SET CLOCK See Case 2 next page. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR AUTO CLOCK SET • Auto clock set is performed the first time when Combination VCR is turned off each day. If used, a cable box must be left on and tuned to the PBS channel at the time Combination VCR power is turned off if you want auto clock set to be done. • If using, a DSS receiver, it must be turned off for auto clock set. • If Cable Box or DSS receiver is connected to Combination VCR via Audio/Video Jacks, an RF coaxial cable must also be connected for auto clock set and channel auto set features. • If for any reason the time is changed manually, automatic time correction will not occur. 6 For assistance, call 1-800-211-PANA(7262) Case 1 Set TIME ZONE ADJUST. 1 2 3 4 Display MAIN MENU. Press ACTION. MAIN MENU Els] VCFT 1ЖЩЗЕ EH ПЕр CLOCK EXIT SELECT :a » •* ► KEY SET :ACT I ON KEY Display SET CLOCK screen. 1) Press AVM* to select “CLOCK.” 2) Press ACTION to display. ------ SET CLOCK ------ AUTO CLOCK SET MANUAL TIME ZONE ADJUST : 0 SELECT▼ KEY SET ► KEY END : ACT ION KEY Select TIME ZONE ADJUST. 1) Press AT to select. 2) Press to ■ subtract or add hour(s) as necessary. О End setup. Press ACTION twice. • TIME ZONE ADJUST returns to “0" if clock is set manually. О © ©; © © © © © © © © X)tX DgPl>V 0£ТМЕЯ CD О CD О PLAY R7>: 3 Œ3 E> PWSt ETC* E, cd m ш AOCVPLT StOw SPEED О GD O JJ 2 SELECT/ SET ЗА :CH UP ▼ :CH DOWN Û ► :VOL UP U ^ :VOL DOWN - 1 ACTION 2 4 a ' с Case 2 Clock Setup is Incomplete. - Set the clock manually. AUTO CLOCK SET IS INCOMPLETE PUSH ACT I ON TO SET CLOCK Display SET CLOCK screen. Press ACTION to exit this mode. b - ylSET CLOCK------ /|\ DST: ON ELECT MONTH SELECT:A ▼ KEY SET :► KEY END : ACT ION KEY Set the clock manually. 1) Press AT to select the month. 2) Press ► to set. • Likewise set date, year, time, and DST (Daylight Saving Time.) To Make Corrections, repeatedly press AV to move to error, then correct. End setup. Press ACTION twice. (Clock starts.) This Combination VCR calendar is accurately maintained up to Dec. 31, 2089, 11:59PM. Channel auto set selects normal TV or Cable channels depending on your Combination VCR hookup. Using AT <4^ keys A:CH UP ▼ :CH DOWN ► :VOLUME UP «:VOLUME DOWN Whenever the menu or program screen is displayed, CHANNEL UP/DOWN and VOLUME UP/DOWN function as AT only. STOPtJtCT №№.-* — ACTION key on the unit — You can operate the menu screen using unit buttons. To display the menu, press STOP/EJECT and REW together with no tape inserted. To exit the menu, repeat above with or without tape inserted. On Unit Basic Operation TV Operation 1 Press POWER on the Combination VCR. 2 Select a channel. Using CH AT or NUMBERED keys. 3 NITE Mode Color and picture intensity levels are adjusted so the screen is easier on your eyes during night time use. Set NITE mode. Press NITE. • NITE mode may be selected when watching TV or playing a tape. To Cancel, press NITE. • Previous settings are restored. • NITE mode is cancelled when power is turned off or power failure occurs. Using the 100 key When selecting CABLE channels 100 to 125 with the NUMBERED keys, first press the 100 key, and then enter the remaining two digits. Rapid Tune Press R-TUNE to display the last channel you were watching. Audio Mute Press MUTE to instantly mute the sound. Press again, to restore the previous sound level. Phones Connect an earphone (not supplied) or headphones (not supplied) to the Phones Jack. SELF-DEMO Mode With Power ON, hold down PLAY/REPEAT on the Combination VCR for 5 seconds to display demo screen. Repeat this to exit. [\^Check list before you begin. □ All connections are made (see page 5.) O Your Combination VCR is plugged in. Model ...


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