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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVM1337

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Dateiname: PVM1337.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

SET UP TV CAPTION ON MUTE:CAP C1 INPUT SELECT : TUNER VIDEO ADJUST SELECT SET END * T KEY ► KEY MENU KEY Push A W repeatedly to select the desired adjust item, and then push 00 to adjust. (See description below.) IMlMlil TINT BRIGHT PICTURE SHARPNESS NORMAL SELECT :* ▼ KEY ADJUST:« ► KEY END :MENU KEY Picture Adjustment COLOR Control To adjust the intensity of the colors. TINT Control To adjust for the most natural fleshtones. BRIGHT Control To adjust the brightness of the picture. PICTURE Control To adjust the intensity of the picture by adjusting contrast and color level at the same time and in the proper balance. SHARPNESS Control To adjust the sharpness of the picture. To Reset Picture Controls to the Factory Setting Push A V and 0 to select and set NORMAL. All controls return to factory settings. COLOR .......I...... TINT .......I...... BRIGHT .......I...... PICTURE ..............i SHARPNESS .......I...... SELECT:* ▼ KEY SET :► KEY END :MENU KEY © "j Push MENU twice to exit the VIDEO ! ADJUST mode. | • If no button is pushed within 5 minutes, the video adjust overlay disappears. ”1 Push ^ w 0 E^to select “EXIT,” and then push MENU to exit the MAIN MENU. 12 s W йвР TV Timer Features \\Acheck list before you begin. □ All connections are made (see page 5). □ Your Combination VCR is plugged in. ON TIMER Indicator On Timer with Alarm Feature The Combination VCR can be set to automatically power on in one of 3 modes (TV, Playback, or FM radio). You can also combine the On Timer with a one minute alarm that gradually increases in volume. ON-TIMER □ Push ON TIMER to display the ON TIMER screen. ----xt/ON IT/IMER 6:—AM CH~ /|\ /|\ Ы«£«М1Ы~ SELECT :* ▼ KEY SET :► KEY END :ON-TIMER KEY ... Push A Vto select and [>to fix the On Timer time and then to choose the On Timer mode (TV, PLAY, or FM radio). See the A ^selection order shown at right. CH01 ^FM9—FM8 ......ON TIUEH H - ■ 6:00AM CHI25 AUARMrON ^азашзаЁклЁ SELECT:* ▼ KEY SET :4 ► KEY END :ON-TIMER KEY CH02—СНОЗ.....CH125 Make sure a tape is inserted if VCR Playback mode is selected. 1 PLAY •FM1- See “FM Radio Feature” on page 15 for instructions on how to preset FM stations. 1 Push A 4 to select alarm ! “ON” or “OFF’. кМ1=ЫМИ:Ц CANCEL:ADO/DLT KEY SELECT:* * KEY SET :■* ► KEY END :ON-TIMER KEY When “ON” is selected, L - an alarm will gradually increase in volume for one minute or until cancelled by pushing any button on the remote or Combination VCR (including Volume UP/DOWN). When the alarm sound stops, the sound of the mode you selected will ensue. To Make Corrections, use A Tand to move back and correct as necessary. ON-T1MER ON TIMER SET Push ON TIMER to set the On Timer. This screen will appear for about 5 seconds. • The ON TIMER indicator lights on the front panel. To Cancel, push ON-TIMER to redisplay the screen in step 3. Then, push ADD/DLT to clear the time (“6” is flashing). Now, push ON-Timer to end. “ON TIMER END” appears on-screen for a few seconds. If no button on the remote or Combination VCR (including a button used to turn off the alarm) is pushed within 60 minutes after the Combination VCR turns itself on, it will turn itself back off. NOTE Set the Sleep Timer The Combination VCR can be set for auto power off. Push SLEEP to display the desired sleep timer. • Each push of SLEEP will change the time in the order shown at right. SLEEP TIMER 30 A SLEEP TIMER 60 ♦ SLEEP TIMER 90 ♦ SLEEP TIMER 00 I_ • If you push DISPLAY with the SLEEP TIMER set, the remaining time will appear on-screen. To Cancel, push SLEEP repeatedly until “SLEEP TIMER 00” appears. 13 Basic TV Operation nnl Closed Caption System -IT- This multi-use system not only allows the hearing impaired to enjoy selected programs, but also makes useful information from TV stations available to everyone. I\X Check list before you begin. □ All connections are made (see page 5). □ Your Combination VCR is plugged in. VV JJ Recording and Playing Back a Closed Caption/Text Program Record: Your Combination VCR will automatically record the Closed Caption/Text signal. Just follow normal recording operation. Playback: To display the Closed Caption narration or Text during playback, simply push C.C. until desired Caption Mode is displayed. C.C. Push C.C. repeatedly to select the desired Caption Mode (see “Caption Mode description” below). — — • • Selected mode is displayed ^caption off—►caption ci—s. on screen. f > • Each push of C.C. will I TEXT C1 change the Caption Mode as TEXT C2-* caption 02* shown at right: Closed Caption Modes to Choose From Caption Mode: CAPTION C1 or C2 A narration of selected TV programs will be displayed on the screen. Check your TV program listings for C.C. (Closed Captioned) broadcasts. Caption Mode: TEXT C1 or C2 The lower half of the screen will be blocked out. When the TV station broadcasts text, such as program listings, special information, etc....


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