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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVC920

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

If unit is connected to equipment which has blue back feature, selecting “ON” will have no effect on the other equipment. FWTY o -^ «DO» r VOt r CH cp-gp PWB 5 - 1 î “ 0\‘0S0 a & MDEX o ââ'fe &&% (5 MUtt feow mu o o o MWOW (¿Q QJ Kin ® W 7T* i MB* V- J Os ELECT/S ET • A:CHUP OT:CH DOWN ► :VOL UP < :VOL DOWN 1 2 4 ACTION 4 ACTION O Return to the normal screen. Press ACTION twice. VCR Lock All operations are prohibited except Timer recording and tape eject. Useful for families with small children. To turn “ON.” In Stop mode, hold down REC on the unit without a cassette inserted for 7 seconds. To turn “OFF.” Repeat above with or without cassette. VCR Lock is canceled automatically after about 24 hours if clock is set. 30 For assistance, call 1-800-211-PANA(7262) Copy Your Tapes (Dubbing) Connections you’ll need to make. Playing (Source) VCR AUDIO VIDEO 0-1 out 0-1 IN O O IN FROM ® ANT. ® OUT to TV Recording (Editing) unit Playback (Source) VCR Recording (Editing) unit Insert prerecorded tape. Insert blank tape with record tab. • Dubbing tapes protected with Copy Guard will have poor quality results. 2 Select “LINE” mode. See “Selecting Input Mode” section on page 15. Put in Standby mode. Press PLAY then PAUSE at starting point. Put in Standby mode. Press REC, then PAUSE immediately. 4 Start dubbing. Press PLAY. PAUSE o Start dubbing. Press PAUSE. 5 Stop dubbing. Press STOP/ r............ OsA tcci/O EJECT. O0Ö0? Stop dubbing. Press STOP. • Unauthorized exchanging and/or copying of copyrighted recordings may be copyright infringement. 31 Advanced Operation V-Chip Feature is... The unit has built-in V-Chip Control which allows you to block unwanted TV usage based on MOTION PICTURE and TV PARENTAL Guide ratings. Enter Secret Code Process of V-Chip Feature Enter Code SetupjO Blocking A 4-digit code must be entered to view a blocked program or change rating settings. " Display MAIN MENU. ACTION r ’ t—v Press ACTION. SELECT KEY SET [ACTION KEY Display SET UP TV screen. 1) Press AY4 ► to select “TV.” 2) Press ACTION to display. 3 SET UP TV CAPTION INPUT SELECT VIDEO ADJUST FM ANTENNA :TUNER I NT SELECT SET END * ▼ KEY ► KEY ACTION KEY Select Lock. 1) Press AW to select. 2) Press ► to display. 4 LOCK ENTER 4-DIGIT CODE n— SELECT:* ▼ KEY END :ACT ION KEY To Make Corrections Press 4 ► to move the cursor and AT to make the correction. Enter your secret code. 1) Press AW to select a number. 2) Press ► ( or <) to set. * Repeat step 4 until all 4-digits are entered. • Take care that you are not observed entering the secret code. 5 LOCK RECOGNIZED CHANGE CODE:ADD/DLT KEY CONTINUE: ACT I ON KEY Save 4-DIGIT CODE. Press ACTION. 32 FWTV o srio moo G 1 CD -CD —^ Jo] •Ö a s A 6p &&& SfiB 1.^1 1 MUM in weed' CD] O O O MCI cowrru tb Q oogg H3ÎT S W *am } Skst’ V -OSELECT/SET .A:CH UP CH DOWN VOL UP VOL DOWN \ ADD/DLT Changing your secret code • You will need your current code. Do steps 1-4. In step 5, press ADD/DLT to clear current code. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to enter new code. Display LOCK menu for rating screen. Press ACTION and go to page 33 (MOTION PICT. Ratings), or page 34 (TV PARENTAL Ratings) Or, to exit, press ACTION four times. For assistance, call 1-800-211-PANA(7262) • DO NOT forget your secret code. • Once rating are set, restricted tapes or programs cannot be accessed unless the secret code is entered. Setup MOTION PICT. (PICTURE) Ratings If LOCK menu is not displayed, do “Enter Secret Code” steps on page 32. Select MOTION 1 LOCK :OFF MOTION PICT. STATUS:OFF CHANGE SETTINGS TV PARENTAL STATUS CHANGE SETTINGS SELECT: A ▼ KEY SET :► KEY END :ACTION KEY Process of V-Chip Control Feature Enter Code Setup F>Í Blocking PICT. STATUS. 1) Press AY to select. 2) Press ► to set “ON” or “OFF.” If you select MOTION PICT. STATUS: ■ “ON” -» V-Chip Control is activated. ■ “OFF” V-Chip Control is deactivated. 2 LOCK MOT I ON PICT. STATUS : OFF CHANGE SETTINGS TV PARENTAL STATUS :OFF CHANGE SETTINGS SELECT SET END * ▼ KEY ► KEY ACTION KEY Select CHANGE SETTINGS. 1 ) Press AY to select. 2) Press ► to display. 3 G PG PG-13 R NC-17 X CONTAINS NO RATING SELECT : A ▼ SET> END :ACT ION KEY NR (Not Rated) PROGRAMS Some movies, such as old movies or foreign movies usually have no ratings. Select VIEW NR PROGRAMS? 1) Press AY to select. 2) Press ► to set “YES” or “NO.” l-vot г CH ►O -o •Ó 2 SELECT/SET * A:CH UP OT:CH DOWN \ ► :VOL UP 4^:V0LD0WN 5action 4 VIEW NR PROGRAMS? : YES PG-13 R NC-17 X GENERAL AUDIENCE SELECT:a ▼ SET :► END : ACT ION KEY Select ratings to be blocked. (See right.) 1) Press AY to select. 2) Press► to set. Redisplay LOCK menu to continue setup. Press ACTION and go to page 34 (TV PARENTAL Ratings) Or, to exit, press ACTION four times. MOTION PICTURE RATINGS G GENERAL AUDIENCE: All ages admitted. PG PARENTAL GUIDANCE: S...


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