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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVC2033WA

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

• Previous settings are restored. • NIGHT mode is canceled when power is turned off or power failure occurs. VIDEO INAUDIO INPOWERVOLCHSTOP/EJECTREW/PLAY/REPEATFF/RECTIMER/FMACTIONREC ON TIMER VIDEO IN AUDIO IN POWER VOL CH STOP/EJECT REW/ PLAY/REPEAT FF/ REC TIMER/FM ACTION RE C ON TIMER PROG TIMERPROG TIMER PHONES Jack POWER VOL + / VOL- CH Using the 100 key When selecting CABLE channels 100 to 125 with the number keys, first press the 100 key, and then enter the remaining two digits. Rapid Tune Press R-TUNE to display the last channel you were watching. Audio Mute Press MUTE to instantly mute the sound. Press again to restore the previous sound level. Phones Connect an earphone (not supplied) or headphones (not supplied) to the Phones Jack. 14 Forassistance,pleasecall:1-800-211-PANA(7262)orsende-mailto:consumerproducts@panasonic.com Picture Adjustment 1 1 Press ACTION to display MAIN MENU. 2 2 MAIN MENU TV VCR EX I TCLOCKCH LANGUAGE SET :ACT I ON SELECT : 1)Press to select “TV.” 2)Press ACTION to display SET UP TV screen. NITE RAPID MUTE POWER TUNE SELECT/SET VOL UP/ :CH UP DOWN :CH DOWN :VOL UPACTION :VOL DOWN CH 100 KEY Picture Adjustment ¦ COLOR Control Adjust color intensity. ¦ TINT Control Adjust for natural flesh tones. ¦ BRIGHTNESS Control Adjust picture brightness. ¦ PICTURE Control Adjust picture intensity by adjusting both contrast and color level in the proper balance. ¦ SHARPNESS Control Adjust picture sharpness. 3 3 LOCK CAPT I ON I NPUT SELECT : TUNER V I DEO ADJUST FM ANTENNA :EXT SELECT : SET : END : ACT I ON SET UP TV 1)Press to select VIDEO ADJUST. 2)Press to display screen. 4 4 COLOR T I NT BRI GHTNESS P I CTURE SHARPNESS NORMAL ADJUST : SELECT : END :ACT I ON 1) Press to select an adjustment item. (See below left.) 2)Press to adjust. COLOR T I NT BRI GHTNESS P I CTURE SHARPNESS NORMAL SET : SELECT : END :ACT I ON To Reset Picture Controls. Press and to select and set “NORMAL.” All controls return to their factory settings. 5Press ACTION three times to exit. TV Operation 15 TV Timer Features ON-TIMER with Alarm Ready Check List The clock is set to the correct time.This unit can be set to automatically power on in one of 2 modes (TV, Playback, or FM radio). You can also combine the On-Timer with a one minute alarm that gradually increases in volume. Press PROG to display SET PROGRAM screen. 2 2 SET : SET SELECT : END : T I MER SET T I MER ON T IMER SLEEP TIMER : 00 1)Press to select “ON TIMER.” 2)Press to display ON TIMER screen. 3 ON T IMER SELE CT HOUR 6:--AM CH SET : SELECT : END :PROG ALARM : ON • ON-TIMER mode selection order CH02 CH03 CH125 CH01 PLAY FM9 FM8 FM1 4 ON T IMER SELE CT ALARM 6:00AM CH08 SET : SELECT : END :PROG ALARM : ON CANCEL : ADD / DLT ABC When “ON” is selected, 1) Press to select desired settings. 2) Press to set the| ON-TIMER TIME or ON-TIMER mode. • Make sure a tape is inserted if Playback mode is selected. • See “FM Radio” on pages 20 and 21 for instructions on how to preset FM stations. Press to select ALARM “ON” or “OFF.” an alarm will gradually increase in volume for one minute or until canceled by pressing any button (including VOL + -). To Make Corrections, use and to move back and correct. VIDEO INAUDIO INPOWERVOLCHSTOP/EJECTREW/PLAY/REPEATFF/RECTIMER/FMACTIONRECON TIMERVIDEO IN AUDIO IN POWER VOL CH STOP/EJECT REW/ PLAY/REPEAT FF/ REC TIMER/FM ACTION R E C ON TIMER PROG TIMERPROG TIMER TIMER ON TIMER indicator CH Press PROG to set ON TIMER. •“ON TIMER SET” is displayed. • ON TIMER Indicator lights on the unit. To Cancel ON-TIMER, Repeat steps 1 and 2. Then, press ADD/DLT to clear the time in step 3. Now, press PROG to end. “ON TIMER END” briefly appears on-screen. Note • If no button on the remote or unit (including a button used to turn off the alarm) is pressed within 60 minutes after unit turns itself on, it will turn itself back off. 16 For assistance, please call : 1-800-211-PANA(7262) or send e-mail to : consumerproducts@panasonic.com Sleep Timer Sleep Timer SLEEP DISPLAY SELECT/SET :CH UP :CH DOWN :VOL UP :VOL DOWN PROG ADD/DLT This unit can be set for auto power off. Press SLEEP repeatedly to set SLEEP TIMER. • Pressing DISPLAY with sleep timer set displays remaining time. Press SLEEP repeatedly until “SLEEP TIMER 00” appears to cancel. SLEEP TIMER 30 SLEEP TIMER 60 SLEEP TIMER 90 SLEEP TIMER 00 Instant Alarm You can set a timer alarm up to 60 min. Useful when you are cooking, etc. 1 1 Press TIMER on the unit to display the instant alarm CANCEL/SET screen. TV Operation 1:00 (one minute) 2:00 3:00 9:00 10:00 15:00 20:00 25:00 30:00 40:00 50:00 60:00 (Max) one-minute increase until 10:00 five-minute increase until 30:00 ten-minute increase until 60:00 2 2 5:20PM CANCEL : ADD/DLT 02:00 SET : CH KEY ON UN I T Remaining Time Press CH on the unit with CANCEL/SET screen displayed to setalarm. (Time changes in the order shown left.) • Pressing TIMER repeatedly on the unit will change display as follows. FM FM To cancel, press TIMER then press ...


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