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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVC2021

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Closed Caption/ Text signal, if present, is recorded automatically. Playback : Start playback. Do above steps to select desired caption mode. Caption On Mute Feature Closed Caption narration, if available, is displayed when MUTE button is pressed for silence. 1 Press ACTION to display MAIN MENU._ 1) Press ATM ► to select “TV.” 2) Press ACTION to display SET UP TV screen. SELECT :* ▼ •* ► SET : ACTION 1 ) Press AT to select “CAPTION'’. 2) Press ► to display CAPTION screen. LOCK WJJIMM INPUT SELECT VIDEO ADJUST FM ANTENNA SELECT:* ▼ SET :► END :ACTION 1) Press AT to select “CAPTION”. 2) Press ► to display CAPTION screen. 1) Press AT to select CAPTION MODE. 2) Press ► repeatedly to select mode. (See left.) SELECT:* » SET :► END :ACTION 1) Press AT to select CAPTION MODE. 2) Press ► repeatedly to select “OFF.” CAPTION M00E SELECT:* » SET :► EM) : ACTION CNO-*-CAPC1->. —CAP C2*—' 1) Press AT to select CC ON MUTE. 2) Press ► repeatedly to select desired mode. • Each press of ►will change the display as shown left. • The caption may be broadcast over CAP C1 or C2. Press ACTION three times 'to return to the normal screen. Press MUTE to mute the sound and display closed captioning. • To cancel, press MUTE again. Closed Caption Mode Selections Caption Mode: CAP C1 or C2 A narration of selected TV programs is displayed. Check TV program listings for CC(Closed Caption) broadcasts. Caption Mode: TEXT C1 or C2 The lower half of the screen will be blocked out. When the TV station broadcasts information, such as program listings, it will appear in this space. Caption Mode: OFF Closed Caption fText narration will not be displayed. NOTE : The closed caption or text signal may be broadcast over C1, C2, or both. Also, text contents can vary so you may wish to try different settings. 17 TV Operation TV Timer Features ON-TIMER with Alarm This unit can be set to automatically power on in one of 3 modes (TV, Playback, or FM radio.) You can also combine the On-Timer with a one minute alarm that gradually increases in volume. BTi Ready Check List □ The clock is set to correct time. 1 Press PROG to display SET PROGRAM screen. SET PROGRAM TlfcCR PROGRAMMNG ÎFJT SELECT:* ▼ SET :► EM) iff*» 1) Press AT to select “ON TIMER.” 2) Press ► to display ON TIMER screen. \l/ON|l>MER 6:-*AM CH- ALArtiWj}. wifcwMiM SELECT SET EM) •ON-TIMER mode selection order ^CH02—CH03- CHOI UfM9—FM8- •CH125- FM1- 1 ) Press AT to select desired settings. 2) Press ► to set the ON-TIMER TIME or ON-TIMER mode. • Make sure a tape is inserted if Playback mode is selected. • See “FM Radio” on page 21 for instructions on how to preset FM stations. ALARMrON m CANCEL: ADO/CXT SELECT:* * SET :« ► END :PROQ Press AT to select ALARM "ON" or “OFF.” When "ON” is selected, an alarm will gradually increase in volume for one minute or until canceled by pressing any button (including VOL + -). To Make Corrections, use and <4 ► to move back and correct. 5 Press PROG to set ON TIMER. • “ON TIMER SET” is displayed. • ON TIMER Indicator lights on the unit. To Cancel ON-TIMER set, Repeat steps 1 and 2. Then, press ADD/DLT to clear the time in step 3. Now, press PROG to end. “ON TIMER END” briefly appears on-screen. If no button on the remote or unit (including a button used to turn off the alarm) is pressed within 60 minutes after unit turns itself on, it will turn itself back off. 18 For assistance, please call : 1 -300-211-PANA(7262) or send e-mail to : consumerproducts@panasonic.com SLEEP TIMER SLEEP ISPLAY -, » SELECT/SET ^Vt^ich up ▼:CH DOWN ► :VOL UP 4 :V0L DOWN ROG ADD/DLT 11:00 (one minute)..... I 2:00 ) 3:00 one-minute increase until 10:00 five-minute increase until 30:00 i 9:00 \ ';10:00 : i : 15:00 : i : 20:00 ; I ' 25:00 : i : 30:00 i i ’ i 40:00 ten-minute i ■ increase ! 50|:00 ' until 60:00 *■ - 60:00 (Max)---J CHD While timer function is in progress, you can change channels on the unit with CH AT while “CANCEL/ SET’ screen is not displayed. This unit can be set for auto power off. Press SLEEP repeatedly to set SLEEP TIMER. • Pressing DISPLAY with sleep timer set displays remaining time. Press SLEEP repeatedly until “SLEEP TIMER 00” appears to cancel. INSTANT ALARM SLEEP TIMER 30 * SLEEP TIMER 60 * SLEEP TIMER 90 I SLEEP TIMER 00 I_ You can set a timer alarm up to 60 min. Useful when you are cooking, etc. 1 Press TIMER/FM on the unit to display the instant alarm CANCEL/SET screen. CANCEL: ACO/DLT 02: SET:CH a ▼ KEY ON UNIT Press CH AT on the unit with CANCEL/SET screen displayed to set alarm. {Time changes in the order shown left.) | Remaining Time Pressing TIMER/FM repeatedly on the unit will change display as follows. To cancel, press TIMER/FM then press ADD/DLT on the remote while CANCEL/SET screen is displayed. To increase timer in progress, repeat step 2. Time will be rounded up to next 1, 5, or 10 minute interval. (See c...


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