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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PVC2011W

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Dateiname: PVC2011.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

1 ■' ËNO .“PnOG/ACT-1 ON Press AT to select the desired program. To Replace program... 1) Press ►to display. 2) Press AW to select and press M or ► to set new program contents. 3) Press PROG (or ACTION). foWKl/ START STOP CH.] 6 SAT 9:OOP 12:OOA 08 category tmovie «ße SP SELECT:* ▼ SET ■- : 4 ► ... END • : PROG/ACTION To Clear program... STOP CM SP.D Press ADD/DLT P DT START a tO:OOp12:00a125 SP; 3 10 Q:OOp 9:00p10 SP 4 SU &; 00p 10:00p I IP Select i-8:a v' ... jEMfER :*• End ;prûg/act»ôk 4 Press PROG twice (or ACTION) to exit this mode. • 2 minutes before Timer recording is performed, “PLEASE PREPARE FOR TIMER REC" appears and/or the PROG TIMER Indicator flashes. Be sure a cassette with record tab is loaded and the unit is in Stop mode. • If the start times of two programs overlap, the lower numbered program will have priority. • If the start time for a Timer Recording comes up during a normal recording or One Touch Recording (page 14), the Timer Recording will not be performed. • If there is a power interruption of more than one minute, the recording may not be performed or continued. • If “INCOMPLETE” appears after all items have been set, check all entries and make necessary corrections. 23 Timer Operation ape operation Search System is... Each time a recording is made, an invisible index mark is placed on the tape. When timer recordings are made, program index and information are also included. These index marks can be used to access or scan recordings. Index Search Go directly to the desired recording. Press SEARCH in Playback or Stop mode to display INDEX SEARCH screen. Press number keys to select the recording number. • To calculate number, see below. Press FF or REW to start search. • Play begins at search end. To search forward or back 1 index, press FF or REW while screen left in displayed (10 seconds). ■ To calculate the Index Example 1 : To go to rec. 2 from rec. 4, enter 3 a i f 'Y i Number nd press REW. U1 6 7 I Example 2: To go to rec. 6 from rec. 2, enter 4 and press FF. i i T N, i 1 mwmwmiwm 6 7 NOTE: \ indicates start points of each recording. • Make each entry within 10 seconds, or the Index Search mode will be canceled. • If Index Search is started very close to an index mark, that index mark may not be counted in the search. Program End Search Locates end point of recording for continuity. 1 Press SEARCH twice in Playback or Stop mode to display PROGRAM END SEARCH screen. Press FF to start search. Example of Program End Search operation. FltiJ PLAYBACK DIRECTION Œ Program i Program Z or BLANK Press SEARCH button >*NEnd Polntl FF l Press BLANK [||jî||’Ê»^>qrêûn 2 BLANK *[| SEARCH button ' ^End Polntl FF Ffg.3 If search exceeds a few seoonds in BLANK area _Press SEARCH button_ i BLANK Program 2 T lEnd Point I FF Upon locating end point... The unit searches slightly past end point, reverse searches, and plays the last few seconds of the program, then stops. PrOQramglBW^K)**"! Press SEARCH button __: REVERSE PLAY^..................; SEARCH STÖR • If Program End Search is started very close to an index mark, that mark may be skipped over. • To cancel, press PLAY or STOP. 24 For assistance, please call : 1-800-211-PANA{7262) or send e-mail to : consumerproductsê'panasonic.com Auto Operation Functions Auto Shut Off No broadcast signal in TV, blank tape is Played for 5 minutes -> Power turns off • This feature is canceled if any button is pressed during above mode. Auto Playback Insert a tape in Power off mode Power turns on • Playback begins if tape has no record tab. Auto Rewind Tape reaches its end Rewind, Stop Playback Auto Eject (Repeat Play is “OFF”) Tape with no record tab reaches its end Rewind, Stop, Eject TAPE POSITION REW Spoo* © ©CD I Ю © © © 6©©^S ■m —V им» o © a -NUMBER Keys -SEARCH -SELECT/SET a:CH UP ▼:CH DOWN ► :VOL UP 4 :VOL DOWN ■FF Tape Position Display To find out present tape position and amount of tape remaining. Tape position cannot be detected for C-Cassettes, tapes under 30 minutes, and some other tapes. 1 Press TAPE POSITION to detect current tape position. е>РЕ№ы0Уаре~роз ition • “DETECTING TAPE , POSITION” is displayed only when a cassette is first inserted and it takes several seconds for correct tape position to appear. •The present tape position indication and amount of tape remaining (according to tape speed) is displayed. •Tape remaining time display ' may not be precise. Press TAPE POSITION (or wait 5 seconds) to return to normal screen. • This function cannot display exact amount of tape remaining for tapes 30 minutes or less, or for tapes over 120 minutes in length. 25 Advanced Operation Tape Operation (continued) Repeat Play Set to see a recording over and over. 1 Press ACTION to display MAIN MENU. 1) Press £¥<>- to select “VCR.” 2) Press ACTION to display SET UP VCR screen. 1) Press AT to select “REPEAT PLAY.” 2) Press ► to set...


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