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Anleitung Panasonic, modell PV9661

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Dateiname: PV9661.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

PLAY, or you change channels, a 4 second display appears first in large and then small characters. (Some Station names may also appear if Channel Caption is set. See page 28, 29.) VCR Status & Clock Display To display or remove the overlay. Press DISPLAY. Function Status Rec Time Remaining (OTR mode only, see page 9.) Broadcast Audio Being Received (See page 26.) Blank Tape/ No Video Signal Indication Whenever a blank section of a tape comes up in Play mode, or when the selected channel has no broadcast signal with the Weak Signal Display Feature (page 33) set to OFF, the TV screen will turn solid blue. Current Time 12:00AM ABC -0:12:34 ч SP REC -0:25 8« STEREO &SAP /MONO 12/27/1999 MON 12:00PM - 1:00PM CH 08 ABC MOVIE MEMORIAL MOVIE Channel Caption (See pages 28, 29.) or Channel Counter Tape Speed (See page 36.) Time Stamp Data (See pages 30, 31.) * This is not displayed in Rec mode. Warning and Instruction Displays These displays will alert you of a missed operation or provide further instructions. OSD Caution Pg OSD Caution Pg NO CH FOUND PLEASE CHECK ANTENNA CABLE CONNECTION THEN PUSH VCR CH UP KEY AGAIN If no active channels are found for CHANNEL MEMORY... 6 TO CANCEL TIMER REC PUSH POWER THEN STOP KEY If you press POWER or STOP during a Timer Recording... (visible in VCR mode only) 13 PLEASE SET CLOCK BEFORE PROGRAMMING If you attempt to set or review a Timer Recording and the Clock is not set... 6 VIDEO HEADS MAY NEED CLEANING PLEASE INSERT HEAD CLEANING CASSETTE OR REFER TO MANUAL END: PLAY KEY If head cleaning becomes necessary while playing back a tape... 37 TURN VCR OFF FOR TIMER RECORDING AND LEAVE CABLE BOX POWER ON After a Timer Program has been set... 13 VCR LOCK ACTIVATED If you press a function button other than STOP/ EJECT or POWER while the VCR is in VCR Lock mode... CHECK CASSETTE RECORD TAB If you press REC on the remote control or VCR, and a cassette is inserted with no record tab... 36 REMOTE CONTROL IS SET TO CABLE/DSS MODE USE VCR : VCR KEY USE TV : TV KEY If you press any invalid keys on the remote while in CABLE/DSS mode... 20 21 NO CASSETTE PLEASE INSERT A CASSETTE If you press PLAY, FF, REW, or REC on the remote control or VCR without a cassette inserted... 8 9 REMOTE CONTROL IS SET TO TV MODE USE VCR : VCR KEY USE CABLE/DSS : CABLE/DSS If you press any invalid keys on the remote while in TV mode... 20 21 38 For assistance, call 1 -800-211-PANA(7262). Before Requesting Service Check the following points once again if you are having trouble with your VCR. Power Correction No power... • Completely insert Power Plug into an AC outlet. • Set POWER button to ON. • Make sure power source is active. Recording & Playback Correction TV program cannot be recorded... • Check connections between VCR, external antenna, and TV. • Check hook up selection. (P.4-5) • Make sure your antenna system (CABLE or TV) is correctly set. (Channels [P.34]) • Make sure cassette record tab is intact. (P.36) Timer recording cannot be performed... • Check clock is set to current time and date. • Make sure Cable/DSS box (if used) is left on and tuned to channel to be recorded. • Set recording start/stop times correctly. (P.12) • Make sure POWER button is set to OFF. (P.13) • Timer recording may not be performed or continued if a power interruption of more than 1 minute occurs before or during, a Timer Recording, even after power is restored. There is no playback picture, or the playback picture is noisy or contains streaks... * Select channel 3 or 4 on TV to match Channel 3/4 switch on rear panel of VCR (P.4) or select LINE. * Set VCR/TV selector to “VCR." • Adjust TRACKING control in either direction. (P.37) • Try Head Cleaning. (P.37) Special effects playback, picture may contain some vertical jitter when using a TV with an Automatic Vertical Hold Control... * Set TV’s Vertical Hold Control to “MANUAL” then adjust. VCR cannot be controlled... • Make sure VCR LOCK is set to off. (P.32) • Make sure remote is in proper mode. • Make sure unit is not in a Timer Record operation. Remote Control Correction VCR cannot be remote controlled... • Aim Remote Control directly at remote sensor on VCR. (P.44) • Avoid any object blocking signal path. • Inspect remote batteries. (P.4) • Make sure VCR LOCK is set to off. (P.32) ■ Exposing VCR remote sensor to direct fluorescent or outdoor light may cause signal interference. ACTION and PROG buttons cannot be used... • Press VCR button for VCR mode. (P.20) • Check Batteries. Miscellaneous Correction Programs cannot be viewed on TV... • Set VCR/TV selector to “TV.” (P.9) • Make sure proper signal source is selected. Video cassette cannot be inserted... • Insert the cassette with window side up; record tab facing you. • Insure no other tape is inside unit. Video cassette cannot be removed... • Completely insert Power Plug into AC outlet. Video cassette ejects when a recording is started or the power is turned off for timer recording.....


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