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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT27G22U

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 1.31 mb
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A second press resumes sound. Channel Buttons Press to select channels. Use with Volume buttons to navigate in menus. Recall Button Press to display Time, status of Sleep Timer, Channel, Video Mode, Channel Caption (Station Identifier) and Audio Mode. PlP^Picture In Picture) Button Press to display the PIP frame, press again to remove PIP frame. PIP Swap Button Press to interchange PIP frame with Main Picture (when the PIP frame is displayed). VCR Function Buttons Programmable to operate many brands of VCR’s. VCR/DSS Channel Buttons Select VCFl or DSS Up/Down channels. Home Theater Remote Control EUR511060 Note: For more information on the Remote Control, please refer to the Remote Control Quick Reference Functional Key Chart. Helpful Hints: t -■ If the selected component does not respond to the remote control, ensure that the proper mode is selected; First, press the Mode Selection Button that corresponds to that component. For example, after first pressing the TV Mode Button, the remote will remain in the Ty,mode for the following commands. If ¿ different mode button is pressed while operating the television, the TV mode button must be pressed again to enable the TV mode condition. r>! -13- Remote Control Quick Reference Functional Key Chart (For CT-27G22/U And CT-27S21) KEY MODE FUNCTION ® (D © © © © © © © © TV VCR, VCR 2 CABLE, DSS Selects Channel Selects Channel Selects Channel RECEIVER/AMPLIFIER © Selects Tuner © Selects CD Player © Selects Tape Cassette Player © VCR 1 ® VCR 2 CD PLAYER Selects Track Number LD PLAYER Selects Track Number (MULT) ALLCOMPONENTS Programmable Button That Can Operate Up To Six (6) Remote Functions At Once TV Selects the TV Input Mode (¡^OWE^) ALL COMPONENTS Turns On and Off Selected Components (mute) TV, DSS, VCR, VCR 2 LDP CABLE RECEIVER/AMPLIFIER Mutes TV Audio Mutes Audio Mutes Audio TV TV Mode Selection for Remote Control ^c§3 CABLE Cable Mode Selection for Remote Control DSS (DIGITAL SATELLITE SYSTEM) DSS Mode Selection for Remote Control % VCR, VCR 2 VCR Mode Selection for Remote Control RECEIVER/AMPLIFIER Receiver/Amplifier Mode Selection for Remote Control COMPACT DISC CD Mode Selection for Remote Control CASSETTE DECK, VCR 2, DVD AUX Mode Selection for Remote Control Enables User to Operate a Cassette Deck, Digital Video Disc or Second VCR & LASER DISC PLAYER LD Mode Selection for Remote Control ¿9^ TV CABLE DSS LDP CD RECEIVER/AMPLIFIER DVD Channel Up/Down, Menu Navigation Channel Up/Down DSS Guides and Menu Navigation Skip FF, REW Preset or Tuning Frequency Skip FWD/Skip REW TV CABLE DSS RECEIVER/AMPLIFIER VCR, VCR 2 LDP Volume Up/Down, Menu Navigation Volume Up/Down DSS Guides and Menu Navigation, Also Switches Between Normal Audio and SAP Volume Up/Down TV Volume Up/Down TV Volume Up/Down -14- Remote Control Quick Reference Functional Key Chart (cont.) (For CT-27G22/U And CT-27S21)_ KEY MODE FUNCTION LDP A/B Repeat TV Switches Between Two (2) Channels CABLE Switches Between Two (2) Channels VCR, VCR 2 Switches Between Two (2) Channels DSS Switches Between Two (2) Channels RECEIVER/AMPLIFIER Switches between AM and FM CD Selects Next Disc AUDIO TAPE RECORDER Selects Audio Tape Recorder AorB (r^—“ft TV Activates TV Menus [^ACTION J j DSS Acts as Menu Button for DSS TV Displays Channel, Sleep Time.Channel Caption, Time, and Audio Mode Recall) DSS Displays Current DSS Settings VCR, VCR 2 Displays Current VCR Settings LDP Displays Current LDP Settings TV PIP Move REW DSS DSS Guide MOVE VCR, VCR 2 Rewind LDP Rewind TAPE Rewind CD Selects Previous Track DVD Rewind TV PIP Size PLAY DSS Enter/Select SIZE VCR, VCR 2 Play r>l LDP Play TAPE Play (in Normal Direction) CD Play DVD Play TV PIP On/Off pp DSS Exit/Clear PIP VCR, VCR 2 Fast Forward d^> LDP Fast Forward TAPE Fast Forward CD Selects Next Track DVD Fast Forward REC DSS One Touch Record in DSS Mode VCR, VCR 2 Record [lsj] TAPE Record CABLE VCR Record DVD Stop VCR, VCR 2 Stop STOP LDP Stop I D I TAPE Stop CD Stop CABLE VCR Stop DVD Pause PAUSE TV PIP Swap SWAP f 1 N VCR, VCR 2 Pause ra LDP Pause TAPE Pause CD Pause CABLE VCR Pause TV PIP Freeze TV/VCR VCR, VCR 2 Selects TV/VCR Mode FREEZE />■—\ DSS Selects TV/DSS Mode o CABLE Selects TV/VCR Mode VCR/DSS CH VCR, VCR 2 Channel Up/Down DSS Channel Up/Down -15- Special Functions Recall Button Press the RECALL button to review: 0 Audio Mode status (§) CH number or Video Input selected © Channel Caption (Station Identifier) (4) Clock time (5) Sleep Timer status R-Tune Button Pressing the R-TUNE (RAPID TUNE) button will switch between the last two channels selected on the numeric keypad. Note: When rapidly scanning channels with the CHANNEL UP/DOWN button, pressing the R-TUNE button will switch between the last channel scanned, and initial channel at the start of scanning. CHANNEL NOW BEING VIEWED CHANNELTUNED IM...

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