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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT36D20

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 1.33 mb
Dateiname: CT27D20.PDF
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select: □ COLOR TEMP to increase and decrease WARM (red) and COOL (blue) colors to suit personal preferences PICTURE VIDEO ADJ. COLORTEMP NORMAL► CHANNELS Favorites In CHANNELS menu under FAVORITES select: □ CHANNEL SCAN FAV to enter up to 16 favorite channels. □ CHANNEL SCAN ALL to scan all channels when using the CH up/down buttons. CHANNELS [FAVORITES CAPTION CHANNEL SCAN ALL^ ENTER CHANNEL 3 FAVORITE CHANNELS 3 ► TO ADD M TO DELETE Caption In CHANNELS menu under CAPTION select: □ MANUAL CAPTION to enter numbers and captions manually. □ INPUT LABEL to label video input connections for onscreen display. CHANNELS FAVORITES j CAPTION MANUAL CAPTION ► INPUT LABEL ► № Special Features LOCK MODE To use LOCK options: □ ENTER CODE FIRST - Use the numeric keypad to enter a four-digit secret code. After entering your secret code for the first time, the onscreen display will change to CHANGE CODE. Note: Use a code that is easy to remember or record it in a safe place. In MODE submenu select: □ LOCK SET to choose: • OFF - To turn lock function off. • ALL - To lock all channels and video inputs. • CHANNEL - To lock up to four channels of your choice. • GAME - To lock channels 3, 4 and video inputs. □ BLOCK PROGRAMS* - To use Block Programs Ratings. □ CHANGE CODE - Use numeric keypad to change your four-digit secret code. Note: 11 in CHANGE CODE you enter a different code from the one used previously, the new code becomes the controlling code. Press the ACTION button to return to submenu, then select HOW LONG to choose the period of time you want your option to be locked (12, 24, 48 hours or ALWAYS). Note: Be cautious when selecting ALWAYS. If ALWAYS is selected, and you forget your secret code, the television must be serviced by a qualified technician in order to clear the LOCK setup. Press the ACTION button to return to submenu, and to exit menus. I LOCK t IMODE Z> LOCK SET OFF _ BLOCK PROGRAMS: ■ HOW LONG? | U.S. TV PROGRAMS STATUS OFF ENTER CODE ---- FIRST Note: If GAME, CHANNEL or ALL is selected, and if a blocked channel or video input is selected, the message PG (Parent Guard) displays in the upper right corner of the television screen Unlock LOCK SET by reentering the same four-digit secret code and selecting OFF. *For more information about Block Programs, see the V-CHIP Parental Lock manual provided with the TV package. Digital TV - Set-Top Box (DTV-STB) Connection_ Digital TV - Set-Top Box (DTV-STB) Connection Use this diagram to connect the Panasonic DTV-STB (Digital TV-Set-Top Box) to the back of your TV. Note: There are three video inputs, Y, PB, and PR. Separate component color inputs provide luminance and color separation. Use the L (left) and R (right) audio inputs. W Glossary Glossary Digital Television Digital Television (DTV) broadcasts are now available in 10 major U.S. markets. Broadcasts are in both high definition (HDTV) and standard definition (SDTV). The HDTV signal formats are 1080i (interlaced scan) and 720p (progressive scan). SDTV signal formats are 480i and 480p. SDTV-Compatible (480p/480i) SDTV-compatible TV models process and display the standard definition output with the use of a Panasonic DTV-STB at 480 lines, interlaced or progressive scan. When DTV programming is available, you can view it in the standard format, either 4:3 aspect ratio or 16:9 aspect ratio. DTV Compatibility This TV is capable of displaying only the 480p/480i SDTV signal using the Panasonic DTV-STB. In order to view DTV programming, the STB must be connected to the TV component video inputs (Y, PB, Pr) and audio inputs and in DTV mode. A DTV signal must be available in your area and the DTV-STB must be tuned to the proper channel. Progressive Scan Progressive scan de-interlaces the incoming signal and progressively scans the image. This allows you to sit very close to the TV and not see the thin black horizontal scan lines (Venetian blind effect) associated with an interlaced picture. Frequently Asked Questions About Digital TV Frequently Asked Questions About Digital TV What is digital TV (DTV)? In April 1997, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) announced that by 2006, a...

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