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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT27D10

Hersteller: Panasonic
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Antenna users must change to Antenna Mode in the Setup Menu. Optional Equipment Connections Optional Equipment Connections VCR Connection VCRs, video disc players, video game equipment, and DSS equipment can also be connected to the video inputs. See the optional equipment manual for more information. TERMINALS ON BACK OF TV VCR headphone plug TERMINALS ON FRONT OF TV Procedure 1. Connect equipment as shown to front or rear Audio/Video input jacks. Note: Front and rear Audio/Video connectors cannot be operated at the same time. 2. Select the Video mode by pressing TV/VIDEO button. 3. Operate optional equipment as instructed in equipment manual. Amplifier Connection (To Audio Amp) Connect to an external audio amplifier input for listening to a stereo system. Note: TO AUDIO AMP terminals cannot be connected directly to external speakers. Audio Adjustments 1. Select TV SPEAKERS ON from AUDIO menu. 2. Set amplifier volume to minimum. 3. Adjust TV volume to desired level. 4. Adjust amplifier volume to match the TV. 5. Select TV SPEAKERS OFF&VAO from AUDIO menu. 6. Volume, mute, bass, treble and balance are now controlled from the TV. Note: In OFF&FAO the volume is controlled by the external amplifier. Digital TV- Set-Top Box (DTV-STB) Connection Digital TV - Set-Top Box (DTV-STB) Connection Use this diagram to connect the Panasonic DTV-STB (Digital TV-Set-Top Box) to the back of your TV. Note: There are three video inputs, XPb. and PR. Separate component color inputs provide luminance and color separation. Use the L (left) and R (right) audio inputs. 6 Main Menu Main Menu Main Menu ! at sß* LOCK TIMER CHANNELS SI g ipu SET UP PICTURE AUDIO EXIT Procedures 1. Press the ACTION button on the remote control to display Main Menu. 2. Press the CH AT or VOL -4^ button to highlight the desired icon. 3. Press the ACTION button to display icon features and submenus. 4. Press the CH AT buttons to select desired icon features. 5. Press the VOL ► button to highlight submenus. 6. Press the CH AT to select desired submenu. 7. Press the VOL 4^ button to select or adjust submenu. 8. Press the ACTION button repeatedly to exit menus. Remote Control Buttons Remote ACTION / Navigation Button CH CH Remote Control Guide The Remote Control Quick Reference Guide is located within the package provided with this TV. Main Menu Feature Chart Main Menu Feature Chart Menu Description 9 SET UP SETUP LANGUAGES □ Select English, Spanish, or French menu. PROG. CHAN (Program Channels) □ MODE - Select Cable or TV. See Installation section in manual. □ AUTO PROGRAM - Automatically program channels having a signal into memory. □ MANUAL PROGRAM - Manually add or delete channels from memory. № (Closed Captioning) □ CC ON MUTE - Activate C1-C2 for Closed Captioning display when the remote MUTE button is pressed. □ CC MODE - Select C1 or C2 for Closed Captioning, program guides and other information. OTHER ADJ. □ AUTO POWER ON - Select SET to power up the TV at the same time as the Cable Box or other components or select OFF. f 1 i a AUDIO I 1 AUDIO AUDIO ADJ. (Adjustments) □ MODE - Select STEREO, SAP (Second Audio Program) or MONO. (Use MONO when stereo signal is weak.) □ BASS - Increase or decrease the bass response. □ TREBLE - Increase or decrease the treble response. □ BALANCE - Emphasize the left/right speaker volume. □ NORMAL - Reset BASS, TREBLE and BALANCE to factory default. OTHER ADJ. (Adjustments) □ Al SOUND - Automatically adjust volume to maintain a comfortable listening level. (Al sound is not available in VIDEO mode). SURROUND □ Enhances audio response when listening to stereo. SPEAKERS □ ON - TV speakers operate normally. □ OFF & VAO (Variable Audio Output) -TV speakers off - audio adjustable by TV. □ OFF & FAO (Fixed Audio Output)- TV speakers off - audio adjustable only by the external amplifier. Main Menu Feature Chart Main Menu Feature Chart (Cont.) Menu Description 1 TIMER CLOCK SET □ Set the time and the day of the week. (Time will display on screen after turning on the television, pressing the RECALL button or changing channels). SLEEP □ Set timer to turn off TV in 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Select NO to turn timer off. TIMER 1 TIMER 2 0 Set one or both timers to automatically turn television on and off at selected times, on selected channels, and on selected days. (Clock must be set to use Timer features). m PICTURE ■j PICTURE VIDEO ADJ. (Adjustments) □ COLOR - Adjust desired color intensity. □ TINT - Adjust natural flesh tones. □ BRIGHTNESS - Adjust dark areas fo...

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Fernseher - CT32D10U (993.97 kb)


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