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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT2701

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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

Press the TV/VIDEO repeatedly to select the desired mode. “AUX1” or “AUX2” will display on the screen for 4 seconds. NOTE: TV/VIDEO button only exists in the remote control. TV AUX 1 AUX 2 AUX1 1. To connect the TV to a VCR Set the TV/AV selection for this connection, to AUX1. Rear of TV VCR VIDEO ANT(75 ) IN OUT AUDIO R L/MONO S-VIDEO VIDEOVIDEO AUDIO R L/MONO To Audio/Video OUT AUDIO (L) AUDIO (R) (not supplied) 2. To connect the TV to a TV Game Set the TV/AV selection for this connection, to AUX2. The TV can also be used as a display device for many video games. However, due to the wide variety of different types of signal generated by these devices and subsequent hook-up variations required, they have not all been included in the suggested connection diagrams. You'll need to consult each component's Owner's Manual for additional information. To Audio/Video OUT (not supplied) TV GAME Front of TV 3. To connect the TV to a camcorder Set the TV/AV selection for this connection, to AUX2. To playback from the camcorder, connect the camcorder to the TV as shown. To AV OUT jack Front of TV (not supplied) CONNECTION TO OTHER EQUIPMENT (CONTINUED) 4. To connect the TV to a VCR with an S-VIDEO jack Set the TV/AV selection for this connection, to AUX1. If you connect a VCR with an S-video cable to the S-VIDEO jack on the rear of TV, you must also connect the audio cables to the AUDIO IN jacks on the rear of the TV. The S-video cable only carries the video signal. Audio signal is separate. Rear of TV VCR OUT NOTE: When the S-video cable and the video cable L/MONO are connected to each jack at the same time, the S-video cable takes precedence over the video cable. ANT(75 ) IN AUDIO R S-VIDEO VIDEO AUDIO R L/MONO VIDEO (not supplied) AUDIO (R) AUDIO (L) ENGLISH (not supplied) SETTING LANGUAGE This TV can display the channel number, on screen displays and picture adjustments on the screen in English, Spanish or French. 1 Press ACTION. SETUPLANGUAGE/IDIOMA/LANGUEMODEAUTOPROGRAMMANUALPROGRAMCC/ACTION:CABLE:OFF// PICTURE LOCK EXIT TIMERAUDIO SET UP 3 Press and then press or to select desired language (e.g. English), then press ACTION. 2 Press B to select the SET UP mode, then press ACTION. LANGUAGE/IDIOMA/LANGUE ENGLISH ESPANOL FRANCAIS /ACTION / NOTE: Press ACTION to select the EXIT mode, then press All four arrows can be used to select 4 ACTION again. the SET UP mode, not just B. NOTE: If Spanish or French is chosen, the Closed Caption indicators will be in the selected language, but the Closed Caption text will not be affected by the language selection. TV OPERATION 1 2 To turn on the TV, press POWER. The VOLUME can be adjusted to a desired level by pressing VOL (VOLUME) B or A . The sound level will be indicated on the TV screen by GREEN BARS AND A NUMBER. As the sound level increases, so do the number of BARS AND THE NUMBER on the screen. The same is true for decreasing the level. Set the TV/CATV menu option to the appropriate position. When shipped from the factory, this menu option is in the CATV setting. See "To Memorize Channels". TV -VHF/UHF channels CABLE -CABLE TV channels CH (CHANNEL) and Press and release the CH (CHANNEL) or . The channel automatically stops at the next channel set into memory. Press and hold the button down to change channels more quickly. DIRECT CHANNEL SELECTION (0-9) -Press these buttons to select a channel.The channel number will appear on the upper right corner of the TV screen. If an invalid channel number is selected, the display will revert to the previous channel. TV MODE DIRECT CHANNEL SELECTION -When the TV/ CATV menu option is in the TV position, all channels can be instantly selected by using two buttons (For example, to select channel 2, press "0", then "2". If you press only "2", channel selection will be delayed for a few seconds). For channels 10 and above, press the 2 digits in order. CATV mode direct channel selection When the TV/CATV menu option is in the CATV position, channels can be selected as follows: 1-9 Press "0" twice, then 1-9 as needed. Example, to select channel 2, press "002". 10-12 Press "0", then remaining 2 digits. Example, to select channel 12, press "012". 13-99 Press the 2 digits in order. Example, to select channel 36, press "36". 100-125 Press the 3 digits in order. Example, to select channel 120, press "120". For proper operation, before selecting channels, they should be set into the TV's memory. See "To Memorize Channels". NOTE: If the station being viewed stops broadcasting, the TV will automatically shut off after 15 minutes. TO MEMORIZE CHANNELS This TV is equipped with a channel memory feature which MANUAL CHANNEL MEMORY allows channels to skip up or down to the next channel set into memory, skipping over unwanted channels. Before selecting channels, they must be programmed into the TV's memory. In addition to normal VHF and UHF channels, this TV can receive up to 113 Cable TV channels. To use this TV with an antenna, set the TV/CATV menu...


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