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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CTF2521L

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 843.47 kb
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

TIMER Activation 18 The TIMER is active when the TV is OFF or ON. The TV will switch to the selected channel at the selected time set in the TIMER. SPECIALFEATURES PICTURE Video Adjustments In Picture menu under VIDEO ADJ. select: • COLOR - Adjust desired color intensity. • TINT - Adjust natural flesh tones. • BRIGHTNESS - Adjust dark areas for crisp detail. • PICTURE - Adjust white areas of picture. • SHARPNESS - Adjust clarity of outline detail. • NORMAL - Reset all picture adjustments to factory default settings. Note: Picture adjustments can be individually set for each video input mode. PICTURE VIDEO ADJ. COLOR TINT BRIGHTNESS PICTURE SHARPNESS NORMAL OTHER ADJ. NO u Other Adjustments In Picture menu under OTHER ADJ. select: • COLOR TEMP to increase and decrease WARM (red) and COOL (blue) colors to suit personal preferences. PICTURE OTHER ADJ. VIDEO ADJ. COLOR TEMP NORMAL . 19 SPECIALFEATURES CHANNELS Caption In CHANNELS menu under CAPTION select: • MANUAL CAPTION to enter numbers and captions manually. • INPUT LABEL to label video input connections for onscreen display. CHANNELS MANUAL CAPTION INPUT LABEL uu CAPTION Video Input Skip Feature This receiver has a video input skip feature, which will allow the user to skip desired Input modes when pressing TV/VIDEO button. • Select desired video Input mode (VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, or VIDEO 3.) • Press the volume left button while the first character is highlighted to skip selected Video mode. Note: To delete skip feature, press the volume right button while the desired video input mode is highlighted. CHANNELS INPUT LABEL tTO SELECT CHARACTER upTO MOVE CURSOR q SKIPVIDEO1 SKIPVIDEO2 - - - - - - - -VIDEO3 20 SPECIALFEATURES LOCK MODE To use LOCK options: • ENTER CODE FIRST - Use the numeric keypad to enter a four-digit secret code. After entering your secret code for the first time, the onscreen display will change to CHANGE CODE. Note: Use a code that is easy to remember or record it in a safe place. In MODE submenu select: LOCK SET to choose: • OFF - To turn lock function off. • ALL - To lock all channels and video inputs. • CHANNEL -To lock up to four channels of your choice. • GAME - To lock channels 3, 4 and video inputs. BLOCK PROGRAMS. -To use Block Programs Ratings. CHANGE CODE - Use numeric keypad to change your four-digit secret code. Note: If in CHANGE CODE you enter a different code from the one used previously, the new code becomes the controlling code. Press the ACTION button to return to submenu, then select HOW LONG to choose the period of time you want your option to be locked (12, 24, 48 hours or ALWAYS). Note: Becautious whenselecting ALWAYS. If ALWAYS isselected, and you forget your secret code, the television must be serviced by a qualified technician in order to clear the LOCK setup. Press the ACTION button to return to submenu, and to exit menus. LOCK MODE LOCK SET BLOCK PROGRAMS: U.S. TV PROGRAMS OFF HOW LONG? STATUS ENTER CODE FIRST OFF - - - - Note: If GAME, CHANNEL or ALL is selected, and if a blocked channel or video input is selected, the message LOCKED displays in the upper right corner of the televisionscreen Unlock LOCK SET by reentering the same four-digit secret code and selecting OFF. .For more information about Block Programs, see the V-CHIP Parental Lock manual provided with the TV package. 21 TROUBLESHOOTING CHART Troubleshooting Chart Before calling for service, determine the symptoms and follow suggested solutions. AUDIO VIDEO Solutions Noisy Audio Snowy Video Adjust Antenna Location and Connection Noisy Audio Multiple Image Adjust Antenna Location and Connection Check Antenna Lead-in Wire Noisy Audio Interference Move TV from Electrical Appliances, Lights, Vehicles, and Medical Equipment No Audio Normal Video Increase Volume Check Mute Check TV SPEAKERS on/off Change Channel Noisy Audio No Video with Snow Set TV or Cable Mode Properly Check Antenna Cables No Audio No Video / No PIP Check Power Cord is Plugged into Active Outlet Adjust Brightness and Audio Controls Change Channel Check Cable Connections Program the Remote Control Again Check Second Video Source Operation Normal Audio No Color Adjust Color Settings Change Channel Wrong Audio Normal Video Check Audio Is Set To Stereo Or Mono, Not SAP Normal Audio Missing Video Input mode De-Select Skip Feature Located In The Channel Menu Normal Audio Normal Video Replace Remote Control Batteries Intermittent Remote Control Operation ? VIDEO 1 22 NOTES 23 NOTES 24 Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, Panasonic de Mexico, S.A, de C.V. Panasonic Sales Company, Division of Matsushita Amores No. 1120 Division of Matsushita Electric Electric Corporation of America Col. Del Valle C.P. 03100 of Puerto Rico Inc. (“PSC”) One Panasonic Way Mexico, D.F. Ave. 65 de Infanteria, Km 9.5 Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 Tel. (915 o 015) 488-1000 San Gabriel Industrial Park Fax (915 o 015) 575-6763, 575-6765 Carolina, Puerto Rico 00985 Tel. (787) 750-4300 Fax (787) 768-2910 ® T...

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