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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CTG2133L

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 2.06 mb
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14+ Programming contains themes or content which may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 14. Parents are strongly cautioned to exercise discretion in permitting viewing by pre-teens and early teens. 18 ADULTS ONLY CANADIAN FRENCH The V-CHIP used in this TV model also lets you block or unblock Canadian French programs according to various ratings categories. LOCK MODE HOW LONG? LOCK SET BLOCK PROGRAMS: CANADIAN FRENCH OFF STATUS ENTER CODE FIRST OFF - - - Note: E (Exempt) programming includes: news, sports, documentaries and other information programming, talk shows, music videos, and variety programming. ENGLISH 11 . V-CHIP MENU OPERATION V-Chip Menu Operation (cont.) CANADIAN FRENCH (cont.) LOCK CANADIAN FRENCH OFF . VIEW NR PROGRAMS? YES . G 8 ANS+ 13 ANS+ 16 ANS+ 18 ANS+ Procedure • Press CH or CH . to move between different ratings. • Use . VOL or VOL to select ratings you want to block (RED) and unblock (GREEN). ACTION • Press twice to return to MODE in Lock menu. • Press . VOL or VOL . to select 12, 24, 48 hours or ALWAYS. Canadian French Rating Description BLOCKING MESSAGE If V-Chip is enabled and the program exceeds the rating limit set by you, the blocking message will appear and the audio will be muted. Enter your four-digit secret code if you wish to continue viewing the program. After entering your code, all locks and rating blocks are disabled until the TV is turned off or until all settings are off. Note: If you enter your four-digit secret code to override rating blocks, you must reset all rating blocks by either reprogramming or turning the TV off. PROGRAM RATING EXCEEDED ACCESS CODE - - - ENGLISH E Exempt - Exempt programming. G General - Programming intended for audience of all ages. Contains no violence, or the violence content is minimal or is depicted appropriately. 8 ans + 8+ General - Not recommended for young children. Programming intended for a broad audience but contains light or occasional violence. Adult supervision recommended. 13 ans + Programming may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 Contains either a few violent scenes or one or more sufficiently violent scenes to affect them. Adult supervision strongly suggested. 16 ans + Programming may not be suitable for children under the age of 16 Contains frequent scenes of violence or intense violence. 18 ans + Programming restricted to adults. Contains constant violence or scenes of extreme violence. 12 . TROUBLESHOOTING CHART Troubleshooting Chart Before calling for service, determine the symptoms and follow suggested solutions. AUDIO VIDEO Solutions Noisy Audio Snowy Video Adjust Antenna Location and Connection Check Cable Connection Noisy Audio Multiple Image Adjust Antenna Location and Connection Check Antenna Lead-in Wire Check Cable Connection Noisy Audio Interference Move television from Electrical Appliances, Lights, Vehicles and Medical Equipment No Audio Normal Video Increase Volume Check Mute Check television SPEAKERS on/off Change Channel Noisy Audio No Video with Snow Set TV or Cable Mode Properly Check Antenna Cables No Audio No Video Check Power Cord is Plugged into Active Outlet Adjust Brightness and Audio Controls Change Channel Check Cable Connections Program the Remote Control Again Check Second Video Source Operation Normal Audio No Color Adjust Color Settings Change Channel Wrong Audio Normal Video Check Audio Is Set To Stereo or Mono, Not SAP Normal Audio Normal Video Replace Remote Control Batteries Intermittent Remote Control Operation ? ENGLISH 13 . INDEX ENGLISH Index A AC Power Supply Cord 3 Antenna Connection 3 Audio 9 Audio Adj. 9 Auto Power On 8 Auto Program 4, 8 Auto Set Up Menu 4 B Battery Installation 6 Blocking Message 12 C Cabinet and Remote Control 2 Cable / Antenna Connection 3 Cable Box Connection 5 Cable Connection 3 Canadian English 11 Canadian French 11 Canadian French Rating Description 12 Care and Cleaning 2 CC Mode 8 CC On Mute 8 Closed Captioning 8 Congratulations 2 Customer Record 2 D Digital TV - Set-Top Box (DTV-STB) or DVD Player Connection 5 F Feature Chart 2 Front Control Panel 5 I Icon Menu Navigation 7 Icon Menu Operation 8 Idioma/langue 4 Important Information Regarding The Use Of Video Games 3 Installation 3 L Lock 9 Lock Set 9 M Manual Program 8 O Optional Cable Connections 3 Optional Equipment Connections 5 Other Adj. 9 P Picture 8 Program Channels 8 R Remote Control Operation 6 S Sleep 9 Specifications 2 T Television Location 3 Timer 9 Troubleshooting Chart 13 U U.S. Movies 10 U.S. Movies Rating Chart Description 11 U.S. TV Programs 10 V V-Chip Menu Operat...

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