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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT20G21

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 2.13 mb
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

) 2 Set volume of audio amp to near minimum 3 Adjust volume of TV to desired listening level 4 Adjust volume of audio amp to match the level or TV 5 Press the TV SPEAKERS button (located on back of Receiver) to turn INT SPEAKERS uOFP (A. ) 6 Volume and mute can now be controlled by the TV RemoLe Control Video/Audio Connection TERMINALS ON BACK OF HECEIVER TERMINALS ON BACK QF VCR Operation 1 Connect optional equipment as shown to INPUT 2 Selecl the Video mode by pressing the TVA/IDEO button 3 Operate optional equipment (VCR-VDP) as instructed in Optional Equipment manual -7 - Location of Controls (Remote and Receiver) Front Control Panel for Some Models POWER «VOL G) cH. TV/VID ЕП © © © POWER Fronl Control Panel for Some Models Hem ale Canlml Sensor 4 VDLUUE» CHANNELA flCTlDN TV/VIDEO op OP 9 С G) © © 0© © © ©! [©_ © ©j R-TUNE I I RECALL -o © o- Ввтп1в Conirol Зепяпг Ivcr^eowerrec 1 REU cm ce] TV/VCR VCR CHANNEL PAUSE О © © О CABLE ^ ^ Channel Up/Down, Menu Navigation Channel Up/Down Volume Up/Down, Menu Navigation Search For Infrared Code When Programming Remote © (D (D © © © ® ® © © TV VCR CABLE Selects Channel Selects code tn Game Guard Menu Selects Channel in Channel Caption Menu Selects Channel in Timer Menu Selects Infrared code when programming remote Selects Infrared code when programming remote R-TUNE O TV Selects Previously Tuned Channel RECALL O TV Displays Channel, Time, and Audio Mode TV/CABLE 1 1 1 TV CABLE TV Mode Selection for Remote Control Also VCR Mode Selection for Remote Control CATV Mode Selection for Remote Control CABLE POWER □ CABLE Turns Cable On and Off VCR^WER VCR Turns VCR On and Off REC o REW STOP PLAY FF (£§£il\ | □ ~| | [> | TV/VCR VCR channel pause O d> O 0 VCR Standard VCR Control Keys 0 Record Dieses Handbuch ist für folgende Modelle:
Fernseher - CT20G31 (2.13 mb)
Fernseher - Color Television CT-20G21 (2.13 mb)
Fernseher - Color Television CT-20G31 (2.13 mb)


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