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Anleitung Panasonic, modell CT13R32

Hersteller: Panasonic
Dateigröße: 3.55 mb
Dateiname: CT13R32E.PDF
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

The TV will switch to the selected channel at the selected time set by the PROGRAM TIMER. Helpful Hints: Turn Off After 90 Minutes The TV automatically turns OFF after 90 minutes when turned on by the PROGRAM TIMER. If the OFF time is programmed or if a key is pressed, the automatic OFF after 90 minutes will be cancelled. Languages CH CAP (Channel Caption) In SETUP menu, select ENGLISH, ESPANOL, OR Program channel captions (station labels) for 30 FRANCAIS. stations using up to four characters. SET UP MODE ENGLISH IDIOMA/ LANGUE PROG CHAN CC OTHER ADJ. Note: Deletechannel captions by entering spaces in all four character slots. CHANNELS MANUAL CAPTION ENTER CHANNEL ENTER CAPTION pTOMOVE CURSOR qtTO SELECT CHANNEL u 3 - 4 LOCK Refer to your V-CHIP manual for the operation of LOCK menu. FM Radio Operation (Models CT-13R32, CT-13R42,CT-2006S, CT-2006S,CT-2016S,CT-20D11, CT-20G6, CT-25G6) Some televisions have built-in FM tuner. You can preprogram up to 9 different FM stations for easy access. Procedure 1. Press TV/VIDEO button on the remote control twice to get into FM mode. 2. Press ACTION button to display MENU Icons. 3. Press p. or tu to highlight the SET UP icon. 4. Press ACTION button to display the SET UP menu. 5. Press p or q button to highlight PROG CHAN. 6. Press u button to highlight FM ANTENNA. 7. Press t or ubutton to select INT (INTERNAL) or EXT (EXTERNAL). • INT - For Cable TV users. • EXT - For Antenna users. 8. Press qbutton to highlight FM Program. 9. Press u button to display FM PROGRAM screen. SET UP FM ANTENNA INT FM PROGRAM u IDIOMA/ LANGUE PROG CHAN CC OTHER ADJ SET UP FM PROGRAM FM POSITION 1 87.5 MHZ u TO ADD PRESS ACTION TO EXIT 10. Press numeric keys 1 through 9 on the remote control to select the appropriate FM position. 11. Press p or . button to select the desired FM frequency. 12. Press . button to add the station to memory. 13. Repeat steps 10 through 12 until all 9 positions have been programmed into memory. 14. Press ACTION button to exit the programming menu. You can select any of the 9 stations by pressing the appropriate number button on the remote control, while in FM mode. Helpful Hint: In FM mode, at no volume or in Mute mode, there is no indication of the set being ON. Volume shoud be kept at audible level. Tuning FM station manually In FM mode, press p or . button to change the station frequency. Note: While in FM mode, press R-TUNE button to toggle between TV and FMradio mode. MAINMENU l REMOTECONTROL l SPECIALFEATURES l LANGUAGES l TIMER l CHANNELCAPTION l FMRADIOOPERATION • - 5 Main Menu Feature Chart Tabla de Caracteristicas del Menu Principal DESCRIPTION SETUP Select English, Spanish, or French menu. Choose CABLE or TV to match the signal at your antenna input. Automatically program channels with a video signal into memory. Manually add or delete channels from memory. Closed Captioning displays when pressing the MUTE button. Select SET to power up the TV at the same time as the Cable box or other componen...

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